C21C TV with David Rives | “Coral Reefs in Creation Time”

by / April 27, 2016

Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives

Join David Rives (host) as he welcomes marine biologist, Dr. Carter Robert to this episode of Creation in the 21st Century as we explore ‘Coral Reefs.’

For related materials see the DVD below:

Spectacular-Coral-Reefs-300x300 dvd robert carter
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Spectacular Coral Reefs: Evidence for The Great Flood and not millions of years of gradualism

The existence of large coral reefs in the rock record and beneath many tropical seas has long been used as a case against a biblical Creation. But coral reefs are not as strong a challenge to the young-earth paradigm as evolutionists want us to believe. A careful analysis of these incredible underwater gardens supports biblical history.

Dr. Robert Carter’s DVD “Spectacular Coral Reefs” covers the same material discussed on the TBN Show.

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David Rives
With a unique combination of creation science and Biblical astronomy, David has built a solid case for our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ–and the world is taking notice. Host of the weekly TV show "Creation in the 21st Century" on TBN, and author of the book "Wonders Without Number". davidrives.com

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