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Dinosaur Blood and the Age of the Earth by Dr. Fazale Rana Bleeds Out and Dies on the Exam Table, by Mark Armitage

The following scientific article is Mark Armitage’s, not mine. This is a very special publication for me because Mark Armitage and his legal case regarding his discriminatory job termination at California State University Northridge is the reason I am actively…

November 12, 2016

The Great Darwinian Propaganda Machine – What it is, WHO it is and How They Operate. Exposé #5: Ernie Kwok and California State University Northridge

continued The Mark Armitage Case I have been eagerly anticipating writing this particular article. This is a particularly personal article for me. Mark Armitage was fired from his microscopy job at California State University Northridge because of his creationist beliefs…

July 21, 2015