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Joe Vermeulen's Creation's Life Giver YouTube still

Worship Song: Creation to Consummation

Sometimes it’s good to just soak in the grand arc of history from beginning to end. It makes remembering Jesus knows what he’s doing far easier!

May 3, 2020


This Is My Father’s World, A Thought and Hymn to Remember

My local Christian choir has decided to take the next few weeks off because of the new respiratory virus sweeping the world. Although I’m not for the scare, I do appreciate them acknowledging the large percentage of at risk members…

March 15, 2020

I lift My Eyes: Joe Vermeulen YouTube still

I Lift My Eyes to God Hymn

This song is full of Scripture from Romans to the Psalms. And he can’t help but remind us God is our Creator and the whole universe points to him in worship. Enjoy!  

February 16, 2020


Genesis 1:1-5 Set to Music

Joe Vermeulen has much fancier versions of his music, but this simple setting of the opening few versions of the Bible is a lovely way to soak in God’s reality or even memorize it!

January 19, 2020

The First Noel final verse, image adapted from: © Kosssmosss | File ID: 130806340

Creation Hymn: The First Noel

December 25, 2019

The Skies Proclaim YouTube still

Worship in Song after David’s Heart

Jim Brenneman shared this on social media and it was so lovely I thought I’d share it here. The church can often been tempted to water down what we believe. God’s word has never been popular, and when you speak…

September 29, 2019

Remember Noah YouTube still

Noah’s Hymn of Praise for God’s Protection

I think this is my favorite of all Joe Vermeulen’s Bible-based music videos. This one focuses on Noah’s experience as the Flood waters recede and he recognizes God has done the impossible—destroyed all that breathed on dry land without destroying…

September 8, 2019


The Flood was no Children’s Tale!

If you are in a room decorated with Noah’s Arks, what demographic is it likely designed to serve? But the real event recorded in Noah’s Log Book from Genesis 6-9 is hardly something we describe in detail to little ones….

May 26, 2019

Noah Bowed in Prayer: Genesis 6 - Noah Joe Vermeulen

Imagine What it was Like for Noah

It’s easy to stay ‘up in our heads’ about Noah and forget he was a real man like us. What would it have been like for him to see the decay around him and then receive God’s extraordinary directions. Music…

March 17, 2019

Genesis in Song By Design YouTube cover

Celebrating God’s Design in the Everyday

There is awe and wonder in the grandness of the universe, but have you ever thought about the honor we can give to God by spotting him in the little things of life? This song reminds us of these daily…

February 3, 2019