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The Central Pennsylvania Creation Fellowship


The Central Pennsylvania Creation Fellowship (CPCF) was incorporated in 2018 and is a recognized 501(c)3 charity. We organized to help local churches to know and teach evidence for the history of Genesis; provide specific learning and fellowship opportunities in regular meetings through presentations by guest speakers or DVD resources including discussion and fellowship time; and identify and recommend doctrinally-sound and scientifically accurate resources to support the history of Genesis chapters 1 through 11.

We have hosted well-known creationist speakers for local events including Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, Dr. Rob Carter, Dr. Mark Armitage, Dr. Steve Austin, Ken Ham, Dr. Jobe Martin, Dr. Andy McIntosh and others. We have had community events such as; breakfast presentations, a chess match (featuring Dr. Sarfati), and a dinosaur flexible tissue class for homeschoolers featuring Dr. Mark Armitage and special presentations at community churches.  Our proximity to Penn State University affords us an occasional opportunity to have experts talk with university faculty and students, such as when Dr. Armitage addressed a microscopy group on the PSU campus about his dinosaur soft tissue findings.

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CPCF has conducted community-open courses and seminars such as The Genesis Academy video curriculum by Creation Ministries International and presentations by our own board members on Bible and science topics.  Future national and international speakers will be sought to bring on-going research to our community, such as Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson and his findings on mitochondrial DNA. Some board members have authored and contributed to creationist books available on Amazon such as I Adam: The Man Without a Navel; In Six Days, Why Fifty Scientists Chose to Believe in Creation; By Design, Evidence for the Literal Nature of Genesis and Why it Matters; and Non-Compliant, A Pastor’s Battle with Religious Intolerance.

Meeting Location: We hold events at various locations in the State College, PA area but typically meet at the Faith Baptist Church, 647 Valley Vista Drive, State College PA 16803. Timing varies.

Contact Info: (CPCF chair): Timothy McDevitt at

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