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Pikes Peak Creation Fellowship


Contact Information: Rich Cloud  

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Pikes Peak Creation Fellowship (PPCF) was founded in 2018 and is located in Colorado Springs, CO. We hold regular monthly meetings on the 2nd Saturday at 1:00 pm in one of two locations (odd months – Mesa Hills Bible Church, 615 W. Uintah St OR even months – Faith EFC, 6065 Oakwood Blvd.). We invite national or regional speakers to present on key topics of Biblical Creation while also utilizing PPCF members to speak to our group as part of a discipleship ministry. These group member, teaching opportunities are intended to encourage more in-depth learning and understanding of Biblical Creation along with developing verbal skills to use during outreach opportunities, inside and outside the church.

This ministry fully accepts the Biblical Creation perspective, which records a recent Creation of some
6000 years and a seven-day, historical and factual, Creation account. We accept this inspired Biblical record, as written within Genesis 1-11, to contain fully accurate records of — the Creation Account, the Flood, an historical Adam and Origin of Sin, and the Dispersion of Mankind. Our focus is to share these truths and to prepare our members to better explain and answer (1 Peter 3:15) both the challenges and the attempted false teaching, which are encountered within the world today. We hold that the factual and historical content of Genesis 1 to 11 is foundational to a correct doctrinal understanding of God’s Word.

Our stated purpose is to share these truths with the wider Colorado Springs and Pike’s Peak region and
to in turn seek to impact our world with this message – within the church, during the ordained
encounters we have and especially with young adults and youth, so influenced by the false concepts
impacting our world today. By being prepared, we are better equipped to share the foundational truth
of the Gospel message to a world — a world which is often blinded and unprepared to recognize the
eternal importance that the Gospel contains. This reality of the Gospel is grounded in Creation and
provided freely by our Creator God, who has designed the universe with purpose and life with value.

Written by The Creation Club

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