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Joseph Mastropaolo may be the only scientist that ever has caused the evolutionist community to do a 180 degree about-face. In 2001 on the cover of Time magazine (see above), the ape-man, Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba, was shown leaving its arboreal habitat and taking to the plains of Africa on its way to becoming a human being. After An Objective Ancestry Test for Fossil Bones was published, in a peer reviewed science journal, showing that Ardi’s single toe bone was human, with no mosaic characteristics of monkeys or apes (see All Ape-men are frauds), then the 26 evolutionists changed their tall tale in Science to Ardi was a human evolving (sic, devolving) to an ape. It is notable what was accomplished with a pencil, a ruler, and 200 words of classical science.

The idea of a missing link between man and apes comes to us from the imagination of a Greek philosopher of 2,500 years ago. Anaximander speculated that the Earth began with no life on it, then life sprang up by itself and developed over the ages until it reached a peak with humans. After that it got worse until it arrived at no life again. Then the cycle kept repeating itself. See All ape-men are frauds.

The development half of Anaximander’s cycle was useful for the slave traders of the 17th century because they could say their black prisoners were only partly evolved and were not completely human beings. That meant they could enslave and sell them to those completely developed and fully evolved in the white industrialized societies of Europe. That big lie unravelled as escaped slaves became educated and proved that they were as well developed intellectually as any of their white overlords. In America, 600,000 men lost their lives in the great Civil War to free the slaves.

The great undoer of emancipation was commerce. Millions of dollars were made in the slave trade and in the agricultural businesses, like cotton, that depended on manual labor at low cost. Before the slave culture could be completely eliminated, the despots of the 20th century seized it to provide a propaganda tool for an aryan race myth to rule the world. It took 50 million lives to defeat the dictators of the 20th century in World War II. But again commercial events intervened before all vestiges of the evolution myth could be eradicated. Now instead of a mythical incompletely developed human being, the narrative speculated that other life forms could be found in outer space. The cost to search for those mythical civilizations was not the millions for slavery nor the billions to defeat the dictators. By itself, the Shuttle Space program was over 200 billions of dollars. The continuing hundreds of billions for space exploration promise to keep the evolution myth alive for many years to come.

The idea of a missing link between apes and humans is a myth to rationalize the superstition, evolution. It is the original Anaximander myth in which life spontaneously springs up and spontaneously develops to its peak with human beings. No one has been able to devise a single experiment that confirms evolution. Every experiment becomes a disproof experiment confirming Dr. Redi’s 36 experiments that demonstrate that evolution is a 350-year-old superstition. And of course, no one can find any transitional forms, particularly none between apes and humans. And for additional good reasons. The biosphere is a web of interdependencies. If organisms could biologically wander to become other life forms, then the myriad interdependencies would be disrupted and the biosphere as a global organism would die as would all of its member organisms. Plants need the CO2 produced by animals and the animals need the O2 and food produced by plants, and so on infinitum.

If there is no missing link to prop up the superstition, evolution, and after 350 years of searching there definitely is not, then how do we think about humans and the rest of nature? As rational human beings we believe what experiments tell us. The evolution experiments unanimously tell us that evolution is a superstition that preceded Dr. Redi’s unanimous science experiments confirmed by John Tyndall and Louis Pasteur. Further, there are the unanimous 35,000 originality experiments that indicate that every object in the universe is an original (see the evidence). And a universe full of originals, from the grandest stars to even the smallest grains of sand, could never have evolved nor be made by the fragments of a “big bang.” Like Mona Lisa, they had to be individually created.

There is no way that any amount of wishing will construct any transitional form. Further like all other objects, every ape is an original just as every human is an original. Every object was created as an original. The wish for a missing link intermediary between apes and humans is a wish that can never be realized. Then how are we to link humans and nature? We could wish for what is already plainly there. The link is originality, and the cause of the originality must be an omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent creator. It cannot be explained any other way. And if you will not believe it, then don’t believe that all snowflakes are originals; nor that you’ll live to see the day when less than 1 chance will occur in more than 8 trillion chances that this universe full of originals is an arithmetic mistake. For rational people, the missing link is the originality that anyone can confirm anywhere on Earth or in space at any time. Missing link? Nay! Created universal originality describes it much more precisely.


View his latest book, in the Creation Superstore. Originality throughout the Universe covers the entire universe and proves that every object in it was created. And the proofs are not merely subjective arguments. There are no more convincing objective proofs in all of secular classical science.

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Joseph Mastropaolo
Joseph A. Mastropaolo has a B.S., M.S., Ph.D. in kinesiology and a three-year Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship with the National Heart Institute of the National Institutes of Health in human physiology. He taught biomechanics and physiology at California State University, Long Beach for 26 years, has received many grants, awards, and prestigious positions in aerospace physiology and engineering. He is the author of the book Maestro Universe.
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