Evolution: Fact or Newspeak?

by / March 23, 2016

Above: The language of evolution has evolved into the 1984 Language of Newspeak.

In George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984 a totalitarian government – represented by an ever watching Big Brother tries to control everything about life – including what you think and believe. Specially crafted tools were created to bring about the desired belief and thought outcomes. The government-made language Newspeak is used to manipulate what you think and the government-endorsed Doublethink is used to manipulate what you believe. Newspeak is epitomized by the slogans:


Clearly, one of the purposes of Newspeak is to redefine the plain meaning of a word and substitute another, often opposite meaning. Thus even during war, the government could claim they were at peace. As we’ll see this tactic has been subtly  adapted to evolutionary speak to the same end: to manipulate what you believe.

Doublethink is epitomized by the Newspeak word blackwhite a word that incorporates both concepts:

“Doublethink is basically the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”[2]

To disagree with Big Brother and claim any of their nonsense was not true would be committing a “thoughtcrime,” “a Newspeak term for the ‘essential crime that contained all others in itself.’ “[3]

As I watched an episode of the science documentary series How the Universe Works I was struck by how much like the tactics of Big Brother in 1984 are the tactics secular scientists have adopted to try to convince people that the patently false theory of evolution is true.

You think I exaggerate? Consider the evidence. Let’s start with the episode’s title:  “The Universe’s Greatest Miracle.”  This is a masterpiece of Doublethink. Ask a secular  scientist if miracles are possible and he’ll tell you no, or course not. Ask if the universe is capable of providing the intelligence and purposeful intent required of a miracle. Again no. To be clear regarding purpose, the late atheist, evolutionist, and former Cornell University professor Will Provine would have told you:

Let me summarize my views on what modern evolutionary biology tells us, loud and clear, and I must say that these are basically Darwin’s views: there are no gods, no purposive forces of any kind.[4]

So why are the writers of a secular science documentary using the word  “miracle” – a suspension or superseding of the laws of physics (which they deny) –  performed as an act of discretion by a deity (which they also deny) – to describe what happens as they attempt to explain the origin of life? Is it merely poetic? To which I ask, why use incorrect and misleading poetry when trying to explain the laws of biology and physics? Or could it be that they want to attribute supernatural powers (which they don’t believe in) to help personify and empower an otherwise obviously lifeless universe? Could it be they want to redirect what they know people understand intuitively in their hearts – that God created all life – and attribute that wonder to a lifeless process? Could it be they want the wonder and amazement due the divine being redirected to the cold, lifeless universe – effectively  as the apostle Paul says “exchanging the truth of God for a lie” and praising a created thing instead of the creator who is “forever praised?” (Rom 1.25)

And the title is just the opening salvo. Since I cannot cover here all the Orwellian tactics let me jump to a masterpiece of Newspeak which occurs about 3/4 of the way through the episode when they summarize the “landmarks of evolution” :

If we think of Landmarks in evolution there aren’t very many. I would think of just three:

– The origin of life
– The rise of complex life associated with oxygen
– the rise of intelligence

That’s it. To me, that’s the story of life on earth.[5]
Chris McKay, Astrobiologist

These 3 claims are another masterpiece of Newspeak, attributing what are clearly acts of power and intelligence to a lifeless, powerless, purposeless, unintelligent process. Orwell himself couldn’t have done better. Consider how far from the truth it is for evolutionists to claim evolution is responsible for these events:

1. The origin of life
Evolutionists like astrobiologist Chris McKay credit evolution for the origin of  life. But the truth of the matter is Darwin’s initial theory never made such claims nor even addressed the issue of the origin of life.  Darwin’s claims were made based on having already existing, reproducing creatures. But even the current Neo-Darwinian[6] variation of Darwin’s classic theory of evolution has no mechanism to create life and thus evolutionary biologists have no idea how life started. They’ve posited the primordial soup based on Stanley Miller’s discredited experiment,[7]  crystals[8] (for their self replicating features) and alkaline thermal vents[9] (for their protection from ultraviolet rays while still providing a warm climate) but none of  these have ever been shown to be the catalyst for the origin of life. Crediting the purposeless, lifeless evolutionary process for the origin of life is quite obviously Newspeak.

2. The Rise of Complex Life
Since evolutionists believe life started with a single replicating cell, evolutionary theory predicts a slow and steady rise in the number and complexity of living creatures.  The Cambrian explosion is the sudden appearance of many and varied complex creatures deposited in the fossil record in a time period that secular scientists estimate as 500 million years ago[10]. Since Darwinism requires a slow and steady increase, evolutionists have no explanation for this event. Indeed, Darwin himself who was aware of the problem confessed:

“If my theory be true, it is indisputable that before the lowest Cambrian stratum was deposited, long periods elapsed, and during these periods of time, the world swarmed with living creatures. To the question why we do not find rich fossiliferous deposits belonging to these assumed earlier periods prior to the Cambrian, I can give no satisfactory answer.”[11]
Charles Darwin

At least Darwin recognized the problem and acknowledged it. This new breed of scientists is trying to give evolution credit for an event that is impossible under any evolutionary scenario. Giving any credit to evolution for the Cambrian explosion is clearly Newspeak.

3. The Rise of Intelligence
Astrobiologist Chris McKay states:

“The key difference between life and just simple chemistry is the information content. Using computer words, it’s not the hardware that’s so amazing, it’s the software.”[12]

In describing the difference between life and “simple chemistry” Mckay points out the Achilles heel in the evolutionary story telling: the lack of an origin for the information found in biological systems. Put another way, where does the information in DNA and other biological systems come from? Information does not arise from mindless purposeless processes. Thus evolution – being a mindless, purposeless process – has no answer to this question.

Philosopher of science Stephen Meyer, who has done extensive research in the matter of the origin of information in biological systems answers the question this way:

“We also know from broad and repeated experience that intelligent agents can and do produce information-rich systems: we have positive experience-based knowledge of a cause that is sufficient to generate new specified information, namely, intelligence.”[13]

Thus in the cause-effect chain, Meyer’s research points unequivocally to this simple truth:  the effect of  information in biological systems was caused by a non-material intelligent mind that necessarily existed before any physical life did. (That is as close as scientists who espouse Intelligent Design (ID)  can get to the biblical statement “In the beginning, God…” without leaving the bounds of the scientific discipline.) So to summarize, evolutionists have no idea how life started; yet instead of recognizing evolution as an incomplete theory lacking in many key areas, evolutionists instead – in good Newspeak fashion – proclaim evolution a “fact.” Further, they deride dissenters who believe the evidence points to an intelligent designer based on what we know from experience, claiming such are deniers and purveyors of a theory based on “ignorance.”

Considering the three “landmarks of evolution”  it’s clear to see the favored evolutionary propaganda  “evolution is a fact” is really nothing more than a Newspeak-like slogans worthy of 1984. And like Big Brother, many secular scientists have become intolerant of any view other than the evolutionary one, and like big brother work to stifle any dissent in the ranks just as Big Brother stifles thoughtcrime. A recent example: the mere mention of the word “creator” in a scientific journal caused outrage among many evolutionists, causing the journal to withdraw the article.[14] In 1984, the penalty for thoughtcrime includes extermination. Thankfully we haven’t reached that stage, we’re still merely at censorship.

A scene in the Tony Award winning musical play Evita depicts the cut throat realities of politics as practiced by corrupt, control hungry military leaders – the kind you’d expect would run Big Brother. As they eliminate one another (depicted by a game of musical chairs) they sing “The Art of the Possible.” The first verse:

One has no rules, is not precise
One rarely acts the same way twice
One spurns no device –
Practicing the art of the possible

After watching this documentary propaganda piece for evolution, these lyrics came to mind. The points of similarity are striking:

  • Evolutionary science does not follow the rules of science.  There is nothing observable, repeatable, falsifiable or verifiable about molecules to man evolution. (Additionally many adherents don’t follow the rules of decorum – often calling creationists “liars.”)
  • Evolutionists cannot precisely identify any evolutionary process for any of the above three “landmarks” of evolution.
  • And apparently secular scientists will spurn no device – including Newspeak, doublethink and censorship – practicing the art of making evolution not only palatable, but also the only acceptable belief about origins.

The best defense against such misinformation and misdirection is a clear knowledge and understanding of the truth. That starts at Genesis 1.1. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.


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7.  Contrary to the initially claimed success, scientists have since concluded that Miller’s experiment didn’t correctly represent the conditions of the early earth. Author Jonathan Wells records the current view:

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Duane Caldwell
Duane holds a B.Sc. in Aeronautics and a M.Div. from Trinity International University. A former pastor, one of his favorite Bible verses is Isaiah 11.9: "...for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea." Until that day arrives Duane is distressed to see the glory due God given to false ideas like Evolution and the Big Bang. He is likewise distressed to see those deceived into believing that science contradicts the Bible or has solved all problems apart from God. He considers his current ministry to be demonstrating why the Christian worldview is the only true worldview, and why science does not contradict it or the Bible. He blogs on numerous topics touching the faith at Rationalfaith.com.

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  1. Thank you Duane for another great article. Funny you mention Orwell’s “1984.” My mind has been returning CONTINUALLY for the last couple week’s to Orwell’s novel and how thoroughly like Big Brother the evolutionary establishment is. Maybe we are “quantum-ly entangled.” Or, more realistically, both receiving the internal testimony of the Holy Spirit. By the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. In one portion of Orwell’s novel, Big Brother lays out his vision of totalitarian “paradise” to the main protagonist Winston Smith: a jackboot stamping on a human face forever. This IS the inner impulse of the evolutionists whose hatred of God is consummate, and, therefore, also their hatred of Man, the image-bearer of God. Evolution is their provisional jackboot. We must not be naive about the nature of the evolutionists, else we shall wind up like Nazi Germany and Communist Russia complete with their concentration camps and Gulags. For me personally, I don’t intend to be a Neville Chamberlain. Joshua and Caleb is more like what I have in mind. Even though I am quite capable of it, I don’t spend a lot of time on biblical theology in my articles on creation and evolution because I have determined to my own satisfaction that evolutionists (in general) belong to the class of people of whom Christ warned, “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your peals before the swine.” I take our Lord’s admonition seriously. For the most part, evolutionists are people who HAVE heard the Gospel and trampled it under their feet. Just read the comments by evolutionists on any given YouTube video by a creationist, and tell me I’m wrong. I prefer to taunt evolutionists (i.e., God haters) with empirical facts, an arena in which they delusionally see themselves as being in their own domain. (See Psalm 19.) The evolutionary establishment WILL be judged by God and eventually collapse, as surely as Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were judged and collapsed. God is not mocked. This collapse has already occurred intellectually in the realm of science. Evolution is dead. The INSTITUTIONAL collapse will follow. It is only a matter of time. The handwriting is on the wall. Only the Lord, Himself, knows the precise form in which His judgment will manifest. The flag of Darwinism currently flies over American academia, but it will be cast down as surely as the statue of Lenin and the Hammer and Sickle were banished from Red Square. Mark my words. And note well, your contributions to this forum are appreciated.

  2. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I used to be surprised at the number of people who tell me that things I’ve said have been on their mind. Now I just accept it as God showing his will and his leading to multiple people simultaneously. So yes – both receiving the testimony of the Spirit.

    And of course I agree with the wisdom of Jesus and his call to use discernment so as not to cast pearls before swine. (Matt 7.6) On the other hand the message of the gospel is powerful enough to reach the most hardened people. So I think we have responsibility to find out where people are coming from. That’s why I believe when Pilate asked Jesus “Are you the King of the Jews?” Jesus said: “Is that your own idea,” Jesus asked, “or did others talk to you about me?” (John 18.34). I believe he wanted to know if Pilate was asking for himself out of interest, or just repeating the charge of the Jews. Likewise we should find out If people have an interest, or just repeating ignorant charges.

    But since this is such a secular age with many seeking only what their itching ears want to hear (2 Tim 4.3), just as Jesus did not come to call those who thought they were righteous (Luke 5.32), I’m not seeking to reach those who are hardened in their evolutionary views. As Jesus sought lost sheep, I seek to reach those with questions, who want to know if the Bible is really true, and if so, how do they reconcile it with all the contrary “scientific” teachings such as the Big Bang and Evolution? It is to those who would otherwise be led astray that I seek to shine the light of truth of the scriptures, and expose the fairy tale story telling of secular scientists who are interested not in truth, but rather keeping God out of science and society – and most unfortunately – from our kids.

    So while God’s judgment will surely come we need to try to reach as many as we can. To that end, though not in chains, I would ask you pray the same prayer the Apostle Paul asked for:

    “And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should. (Col 4.3-4)

    Thanks, grace and peace.
    – DC

    Duane Caldwell
  3. Hi Mr. Caldwell,

    Tom sent me a link to this article, and I think it’s great. It will be posted at The Question Evolution Project in about an hour. Interesting coincidence, I finished 1984 a while back and made some notes about Newspeak. Although I was a mite agitated, I realized I didn’t have focus, and you did far better than I would have!

    Something I’ve been emphasizing for a long time is that definitions matter. Darwinistas will pull a bait ‘n’ switch by equivocating on the word “evolution” when change is observed, this is evolution (not hardly!), therefore, atoms-to-astronaut evolution is established. Christians need to not only watch for definitions (and the switching thereof), but other logical fallacies. These include false accusations (being called a “liar” for opposing evolutionism), simple ad hominem attacks, poisoning the well, straw man, and more.

    It is my firm belief that anti-creationists (as opposed to evolutionists who may not even know there is a better interpretation of the evidence) want us silenced, and they pull those propaganda tactics to fulfill that goal.

  4. Indeed, brother. I think we are on the same page.

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