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Carbon-14 In Diamonds – Why You Should Believe In Creation …And Not Evolution

Why should you believe in creation, and not evolution? I mean, scientifically speaking. Haven’t we proven that evolution is a fact? For there to be any hope that evolution happened, our earth must be millions and billions of years old….

February 16, 2017

Assumptions and the Age of the Earth – Dr. Michael Houts

Assumptions and the Age of the Earth by Michael G. Houts, Ph.D. [EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article was written by A.P. staff scientist Dr. Houts who holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from MIT and serves as the Nuclear Research…

August 25, 2015

Exposé #3. The Great Darwinian Propaganda Machine – What it is, WHO it is and How They Operate.

continued Exposé #3: A) Jeff Speakman, Center for Applied Isotope Studies, University of Georgia and B) Peter Swart, University of Miami, and Minhan Dai, Xiamen University, both of Asia Oceana Geosciences Society When it comes to the subject of creation…

May 26, 2015