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Butterflies – Creation Clues for Kids Vol 5 No 3

Flutter By Do you ever like to catch bugs, butterflies, or other little creatures outside? Sometimes, you can catch bugs and watch them live in a jar for a while.  Some of the most exciting bugs I remember chasing around…

March 9, 2017

Purple Poppy Mallow

Captivated by the vibrant magenta color dotting the patchy grass, I gently plucked one of the roadside wildflowers by the Kansas state sign.  I had been admiring those colorful, cup-shaped flowers out the car window for at least the past…

July 1, 2016


Botanically ‘Random’ Processes? Crucial relationships:   No Co-Authorship Allowed! Co-authorship, is simply a partnership in correlation to an original work. Which simply implies that full credit cannot be given to one individual, but rather require a equal attribution. In that…

March 15, 2016