The overwhelming vastness of space

by / February 1, 2017

Sometimes I wonder why God created such an enormous universe for us to live in. Couldn’t he have just created the earth and it would have been sufficient?

Instead, he placed us in a universe that is something like 100 billion light years in diameter. Then he populated it with more than 10 billion galaxies. That means that our sun is just one of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in space.

Why did God do that? Does it not seem way over the top? If you asked me to describe the universe in two words, I might say, “unnecessarily big.”

But of course God knew what he was doing. He created the universe intentionally and deliberately. We can rest assured that the sheer vastness of space is no accident—it serves a purpose.

Do you think God created this huge universe so that we would be regularly reminded of how big and powerful he is, and how shockingly tiny we are? Perhaps he designed all those twinkling stars and luminous galaxies to elicit awe and wonder and worship from us (Psalm 8).

So next time you find yourself under a starry sky, look up. Gaze into the depths of space. Think about the big picture. Remember how big God is, how small we are. Worship our powerful creator.

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Garrett Haley

Garrett Haley is a freelance writer living in Lubbock, Texas. He contributes weekly news articles to Christian News Network and biweekly blog posts to Come Awake.

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