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Broadening the Way we Think as Creationists

In this fascinating conversation, I sit down with Dr. Marcus Ross, a skilled paleontologist, educator, and owner of Cornerstone Educational Supply. Together, we dive into a riveting discussion about the concept of infinite game thinking as applied to creationism, the constant battle between creationism and evolution, and how this approach has shaped the way we engage with these theories.

Dr. Ross also gives interesting insights into many topics, including the representation of Young Age Creationists in scholarly literature, the finite and infinite games concept, playing creationism as an infinite game, and perspectives on the historical Adam and Eve. Don’t miss this engaging dialogue as these two brilliant minds explore these topics and more!

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Written by Steve Schramm

Steve is an author, speaker, and Bible teacher with a heart for exploring God’s Word and God’s world. He trains Christians to become confident, passionate servants of Jesus, so they can grow in their walk with God and share their faith more persuasively. Enroll in Steve's FREE email course, The Battle for the Beginning, by going to

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