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God’s Gift, Our Celestial Companion: the Moon

We learn to recognize this nearest neighbor when we are very small, mentioning it in stories and songs. The moon continues to inspire and call us into adulthood, especially now that we have had the opportunity to send a few people to visit it in person.

Today’s video is a detailed but visually fascinating walkthrough of just how special earth’s satellite is and how it affects everyone’s life.

And this scientist wisely reminds us to give all the glory and honor to the moon’s creator, God!

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Written by Cheri Fields

Hi, I’m Cheri Fields: 2nd generation homeschooling mom of seven, wife, writer, and science lover. There is a wealth of information available to help people see how trustworthy God and His testimony in the Bible is. The key is to explain concepts simply so they can be understood by anyone. This is my goal, and I’ve had a lot of fun tackling areas where the world tests our faith.

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