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Love is Listening and Looking

Wendy's poem with an old barn photo

[Originally published as Crazy Love]

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels,
but do not have love,
I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.
1 Corinthians 13:1 NIV1 Corinthians 13:1 with waves, photo credit: Wendy MacDonald

“Sometimes love is crazy,” my husband said as we dropped our plans for the day and drove down-island to help a friend in need. Our friend would never have asked us to do this. She is too generous to impose. She would hire us before she would inquire of us to drop whatever we’re already doing.

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But it wasn’t hard to serve her when my husband whispered he’d like to drive me down to visit a special friend I longed to see. My recent car accident left me too anxious to drive out of town alone again for a while.

Each time I made a left hand turn, no matter how safe it seemed, I winced with worry as I half-expected a car to show up out of thinner-than-thin air to sideswipe me into oblivion.

No, I wasn’t ready to drive alone on unfamiliar roads—not yet.

When my husband and I realized he could fix her computer while we visited, we offered to drive down and resuscitate the computer she needed for her day job.

I scribbled a number five on my wrist before we packed up our car with coffee, books, camera, and rain gear. The number five reminded me to listen for five more seconds whenever my husband spoke. I decided our two and a bit hour drive was the perfect opportunity to gift him a listening ear.

…if I have a faith that can move mountains,

but do not have love, I am nothing.

1 Corinthians 13:2 NIV

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1 Corinthians 13:2 with a cover and misty mountains, photo credit: Wendy MacDonald
And my, oh my, did that drive turn into a bonding room on four wheels.

My normally few-with-words husband spoke volumes of them—volumes of wisdom. I pulled out a pen and notebook and made note of the ones that made my heart leap with inspiration. For I feared losing his quotable phrases on the side of the highway; they needed to stay inside the car, inside our hearts.

We also discussed some of the things we did lately that outsiders may think were crazy. I shared how I was afraid our choices weren’t right even though I believed with all my heart, mind, and soul, love is always the right way to go.

He replied, “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, be afraid of turning away.”

I knew what he meant. He meant if we freeze with fear because we’re worried we’re wrong, love loses. To turn away from love is to turn away from God."To turn away from love is to turn away from God." with a derelict building, photo credit: Wendy MacDonald

Love God. Love your neighbor. Love yourself.

Love God, others, yourself, with swans swimming, photo credit: Wendy MacDonaldAnd then he said, “Sometimes love is crazy.”

Yes. Love can be crazy. What sort of lunatic would give up everything He owned and die for an undeserving world? Christ’s crucifixion was the ultimate crazy love.

Moments later my husband slowed the car, pulled it to the side, and stopped.

I glanced behind us, looking for a police or emergency vehicle. “What happened?”

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“Get your camera ready, I spotted swans in the river by the bridge we just crossed.”

My husband, like the Lord, is always ready to bless me if I listen to and trust in his leading.

For though I was ecstatic to visit my friend, I was ashamed of a small vein of reservation that flowed through me. I was embarrassed for my husband to know I hesitated to set aside our plans to visit a beach. I didn’t voice my doubt because a Voice promised me I wouldn’t regret not turning away from Him—not turning away from Love.

If I give all I possess to the poor
and give over my body to hardship
that I may boast, but do not have love,
I gain nothing.
1 Corinthians 13:3 NIV

1 Corinthians 13:3 with swans swimming, photo credit: Wendy MacDonaldAnd besides, a dream of warning was still warm in my mind and it told me to mind my mouth and not doubt the suggestions my husband made. The dream told me to be alert to ways to bless my man so I wouldn’t end up living the deep regret I experienced in the nightmare. I rarely remember my dreams, but when one comes and stays with me for days, I know it’s a message I need to heed.

We stopped a couple of more times to capture sights along the way: an old barn, an eagle, ocean waves. And later, after my husband finished fixing our friend’s computer, we walked along a river where I was able to photograph a cheeky squirrel, hugging trees, and autumnal art.Deep brown squirrel on a tree trunk, photo credit: Wendy MacDonald

I didn’t notice the trees were hugging until after I saw the picture. I snapped the shot because my husband pointed to the trees. I wanted to honor him by showing I cared about what he cared about.

Crazy Love.

Pine tree trunks growing against each other 'hugging', photo credit: Wendy MacDonald
Three times, as Monday drew closer, my husband thanked me for a wonderful weekend.

And while the ink of a fresh number five stained my wrist, goosebumps covered the rest of me when he said, “That drive felt like a bonding time. We should drive somewhere again soon.”

I nodded, because, sometimes love is crazy.

Crazy Love Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

In your walk with God
Don’t be fearful of mistakes
For it’s better to try
Than to run the other way
In your walk with God
Don’t let fear block the way
But trust the Lord’s guidance
As you submit and obey.

~ wlm

1 Corinthians 13:13 with Bald Eagle perched on a tree branch, photo credit: Wendy MacDonald

Wendy McDonald portrait

Written by Wendy L. Macdonald

I’m a writer, poet, and nature lover.
I also enjoy expressing myself through photography.
Creation has a lot to say…
My prose and poems are a small sampling of nature’s words.
I’m a Christian that loves reading the Bible. Find me at

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