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The Big Bang Ulterior Motives for Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Galaxy and swirling space artists' impression, photo credit: Pixabay

When you read scientific articles about the Big Bang, dark matter, dark energy, and black holes, it can be very intimidating. It’s sort of like trying to read a legal paper drafted by an attorney leaving you with no idea what was written. So you have to get an attorney to understand what was written.

That seems to be the same issue for most of us reading scientific journals; you have to have someone explain it in layman’s terms.

And worse, the people writing these journals are not always honest with what they are teaching. They know at this point it’s hard to support belief in the Big Bang with certain things like dark matter and dark energy. There are just too many scientific problems.

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What the Big Bang Requires

If the Big Bang actually happened then we should see uniform “Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation”(CMBR) in space.

Map of CMBR showing warm and cool spots

So what is CMBR? It is the temperature of outer space. Astronomers like to use Kelvin for measuring temperature in outer space so zero degrees Kelvin is -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit. Outer space temperature has been measured and in some places it registers at 3 degrees kelvin.

Those who promote the Big Bang believe that is leftover heat, CMBR, from the Big Bang. The problem is the temperature varies throughout space, where, if the Big Bang happened, the CMBR should be uniform.

So this is where “dark energy” and “dark matter” come into the picture to salvage the Big Bang model.

Astrophysicists and astronomers alike state that the known universe is made up of 5 percent matter and the rest is empty space. So they say 25 percent is dark matter and 70 percent is dark energy.¹

At the same time they fully admit that they have never seen dark matter or dark energy and do not know what it is for sure but they claim that it must be there because there is enough evidence in their opinion to see the effects of dark matter and dark energy.

For example, a new large scale dark matter experiment is gearing up in early 2020, yet the they freely admit:

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While past experiments such as LUX, the predecessor to LZ, came up short, this next generation of projects hopes to tackle the challenge using systems with unprecedented scale and sensitivity. “You could say we’re the world’s best at finding nothing. I mean, people have said that and so far, it’s actually true,” Gilchriese says. “It very well may be that people spend ten years plus and we find absolutely nothing.”²

When astronomers look into space they see a lot of empty space that should not be there and varying (or non-uniform) CMBR that should not be there if the Big Bang happened. Why not?

When an explosion happens, pieces from the epicenter of the explosion will shoot out radially and it will have a uniform pattern of matter and energy spread out everywhere. We do not see this in space, instead everything is lumpy or non-uniform. For example, we should see galaxies spread out uniformly throughout the universe³ and the CMBR should be uniform from a Big bang or expanding universe.

Explaining the Unexpected

So they came up with this idea of dark matter to try and explain the lack of uniform matter and temperature throughout the universe. They claim that dark matter is the cause for why galaxies exist.4 They believe that there is not enough normal matter to create enough gravity to create enough energy to create galaxies that we see in the universe.

In other words matter from nothing.

So they claim that these places in our universe where it is devoid of matter (galaxies) is called “dark matter” even though they admit they have never seen dark matter and do not know what it is they believe it exists because they believe that it bends light.

Another theory of the evolutionists is that:

Dark matter is full of temporary particles that spontaneously and continually form from nothing and then disappear to nothing again this creates matter from nothing and then matter goes out of existence. But if it exists we do not know how or where or how we could detect it.

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I am quoting from a video supporting The Australian National Academy of Science and

But this explanation violates the First Law of Thermodynamics.

And Dark Energy?

They say it is energy that is causing the universe to expand even though they admit that they have never seen it and do not know what it is.

Since the 1990s, dark energy has been the most accepted premise to account for the accelerated expansion.6

In conclusion, I think it is amazing that the evolutionists fully admit that they have never seen dark matter and dark energy and even say they do not know what it is. Still they say there is still enough evidence to believe it exists.

We Bible-believing scientists say we have never seen God but there is enough evidence to showcase a personal loving God exists because there is enough evidence. You do not get a creation without a creator and Jesus the Son of God changes lives.


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Written by Mark Finkbeiner

Explorer, field trip guide, and creation science speaker. I've been studying science for over 25 years and teaching creation science for 16 years specializing in geology and electrical engineering. Founded the Tri-Cities Creation Science Club and has had a creation Science TV program for three years.

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