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Wearing Gold Shirts for God’s Kingdom


[Originally published as Why Do We Wear Gold Shirts?]

For over a decade, we have been doing tours at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Park employees, as well as the other tour companies, notice our presence. We are excited to know the manner in which we conduct ourselves and the way we treat our guests is standing out.

However, there is another feature spotlighting our consistent presence … the gold shirts. The gold stands out for our guests to see and has become our signature look to the park employees. However, the significance of the gold runs much deeper.

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  • Our citizenship is in heaven. This is not our home. Our feet were made to walk golden streets when this temporary life has passed. The gold on our shirts reminds us that we work for an eternal kingdom that will not rust or crumble.
  • We have been called and equipped to be the light of the world. We strive by the Spirit’s power to stand as a beacon of hope and redemption in a dark world. As stars in the universe, we desire to make our light visible. The gold reminds us that we bring the light of truth, joy, and love to the Grand Canyon.
  • The gospel is a treasure much more valuable than gold. God’s Word is a gift to be cherished and given. The gold reminds us we have a precious gift to offer to our King and the guests He brings.

Please join us in fervent prayer that we live and serve in a manner worthy of the gospel. We seek to live as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God. Please pray the gold on our shirts is representative of a pure heart as we serve, teach, and encourage the visitors to the Grand Canyon.



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