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What Evolved When? The Ever-Shifting Evolutionary Tale

Photo 54286907 | Psittacosaurus Dinosaur © Woravit Vijitpanya |
Psittacosaurus dinosaur models

[Originally published as Another Evolutionary “Revision”]

As we often report, evolutionists regularly have to revise their mythology because of new discoveries or scientific breakthroughs. Conversely, no new discovery or scientific breakthrough has ever required a revision of God’s flawless record — the Bible.

Case in point, the evolutionary tale of mammals has just received another revision.

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The standard myth states that:

“…the end of the Cretaceous brought the eradication of dinosaurs on land and of large swimming reptiles in marine environments.1

Indeed, as a matter of faith, most evolutionists believe only those creatures went extinct from their apocalypse 66 million years ago, while all other creatures survived [Figure 1].2 As the University of California, Berkley admits, “There has been no settlement to the issue so far, and no clear one is foreseeable… The main problem… is the issue of the selectivity of the mass extinction… some organisms were wiped out, while others were unaffected.”3 Their asteroid sure was a picky one, killing only dinosaurs and large marine reptiles.

Figure 1: U.S. Dept. of Interior Teaching Guide showing how everything except the large lizards and dinosaurs survived the asteroid strike.

However, this allows in their story of the rise of mammals. As Encyclopedia Britannica explains:

The Cenozoic witnessed a rapid diversification of life-forms in the ecological niches left vacant by this great terminal Cretaceous extinction (or K–T extinction). In particular, mammals, which had existed for more than 100 million years before the advent of the Cenozoic Era, experienced substantial evolutionary radiation.4

Until then, mammals had remained quite small and limited in their evolutionary development for over 100 million years.5 But once those pesky dinosaurs were gone, mammals exploded in size, covering the planet!

But wouldn’t you know it, a new discovery published by Scientific Reports in July 2023 messed up that whole story. As the authors stated,

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Mesozoic mammals are commonly depicted as having lived in the shadows of their larger dinosaurian contemporaries… It was not until after the end-Cretaceous extinction of the non-avian6 dinosaurs that mammals grew to large body sizes and regularly preyed on the available avifauna.

Gobiconodon ostromi skeleton

Unfortunately for the evolutionary faithful, this must now be revised:

Here we report a new fossil find… showing a gobiconodontid mammal [Badger-like mammal the size of a large dog] and psittacosaurid dinosaur [Similar to a Triceratops, but with no horns] locked in mortal combat [Figure 1] …this new fossil convincingly demonstrates that mammals could pose a threat even to near fully-grown dinosaurs.

The fossil record constantly demands a revision of the evolutionary story because the fossil record is a refutation of that story. Discovery after discovery forces modification by the evolution apologists, yet the historical record laid out in God’s Word, including the global flood and the resulting fossil record, remains perfect, never needing any revisions.

True science ALWAYS confirms “Thy Word is truth” (John 17:17).


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  6. The latest teaching declares certain dinosaurs turned warm-blooded, grew feathers, survived the asteroid, and then turned into birds.

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Written by Creation Truth Foundation

Dr. Sharp founded Creation Truth Foundation, Inc. in 1989. He and other speakers now speak internationally at churches, schools, universities and conventions.

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