God’s fingerprint.

by / November 23, 2015

God's finger

Fingerprints have been used for more than a century to specifically identify a person. The criminal justice systems of many jurisdictions use fingerprints to identify people unerringly. The chance of a false identification is less than one chance in more than “many billion” people. The human population is approximately seven billion and there is no sign that fingerprints have lost any identification power. Even identical twins have original fingerprints.

The book, Originality throughout the Universe, has identified more than 35,000 non viable and viable objects in the universe. All were originals. There was not one duplicate in spite of designing disproof experiments to purposely cause a failure in the originality theory. The 35,000 proof and disproof experiments were unanimous. The originality of every object in nature seems as irrefutable as a fact. The chance that it is wrong is less than 1 chance in 8 trillion. Originality seems a universal fact perhaps well described as God’s fingerprint.

How could such a universe arise? Could evolution have done it? Even if some version of evolution were able to operate throughout the universe, instead of merely in our biosphere, evolution could never be so creative. Can any serious person suggest that any configuration of physical forces marshaled to make every star an original could also make every grain of sand an original? Evolution has no brain and without that it cannot create seemingly unlimited originalities. Whatever the candidate cause it also must not be limited by time. The originality of human faces was noted at least four centuries ago. Therefore, the candidate cause must be omnipresent. It also has not repeated any originality. There are no duplicates. Therefore, it must be omniscient. To create the largest stars as well as the nearly infinite numbers and kinds of objects, it must be omnipotent. There is only one candidate with unlimited creation powers, with omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence and that is God. The only possible scientific, objective, valid, reliable, and calibrated conclusion is that this universe bears the unmistakable fingerprint of God. Unquestionably. Absolutely. Unerringly. Uniquely. Therefore, the pithy subject of the book, Originality throughout the Universe, is the fingerprint of God.

View his latest book, in the Creation Superstore. Originality throughout the Universe covers the entire universe and proves that every object in it was created. And the proofs are not merely subjective arguments. There are no more convincing objective proofs in all of secular classical science.


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Joseph Mastropaolo
Joseph A. Mastropaolo has a B.S., M.S., Ph.D. in kinesiology and a three-year Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship with the National Heart Institute of the National Institutes of Health in human physiology. He taught biomechanics and physiology at California State University, Long Beach for 26 years, has received many grants, awards, and prestigious positions in aerospace physiology and engineering. He is the author of the book Maestro Universe. www.originalitythroughouttheuniverse.com
Joseph Mastropaolo

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  1. Good to see “Dr. Joe” contributing his original thoughts! I especially admire his work in physically training the pilot of the first Kremer Prize-winning Human Powered Aircraft. He is a great example of someone who is both a young-Earth creationist and a scientist.

  2. Good article but you need to stop using Michelangelos painting to picture God. This painting is not the biblical creation of God breathing life into Adam. It is a false god who is imparting life to man by touching him after copulating with his naked female consort who is depicted to his right.

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