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Dr. Charles Jackson has four degrees in science and education and taught secondary school sciences 11 years, then college biology and chemistry 6 years, and then teacher education classes 6. In 2003, Dr. Jackson founded Points of Origins and began teaching, speaking, and debating in creation science education. Keenly interested in liberating Christian students from the delusion that their faith has been refuted by modern science, Dr. J crusades against evolutionary dogma on college campuses across the United States. He has presented creation science instruction in churches, to both secular and Christian high school and college faculties, to student assemblies from elementary through high school, and to Christian groups on many college campuses.

Dr Jackson fish evolution video still

Fish to Human Evolution? Evidence Please!

Evolutionists desperately need to find fossil and genetic evidence to demonstrate that all more complex organisms developed out of simpler, earlier creatures. And they find it—at least that’s what student textbooks claim. Today we consider Tiktaalik and fish swim bladders….

May 17, 2020

Dr Jackson testimony video still

One Man’s Journey from Meaninglessness to Jesus

Need a dose of encouragement that God is at work, even when opposition is coming from all sides? Today’s video shares Dr. J’s story of recognizing his need for hope beyond what the world offered, the winsomeness of a Christian…

April 28, 2020

3d rendered medically accurate illustration of amino acids: ID 127827965 © Sebastian Kaulitzki |

Evolutionary Claim Primer and the Truth: Part 2

Continued from Part 1 Good science is that which is supported by evidence, logical reasoning and can be tested experimentally… Good science will go wherever testable repeatable data and ideas will lead. ~Daniel Szwaya 06/19/13 Daily Herald Let’s try that…

March 27, 2020


Which Came First, the Armor or the Predator?

Evolutionary thinking leads many to underestimate the number of species that should be found in the strata they have named. But creationists, taking their cue from Genesis, understand all of the original Kinds were present from the first week of…

March 1, 2020

Baby feet cradled in parents' hands: ID 41326530 © Coreen Bester |

The Genetic History of the Human Kind: Part 1

This is a comparison of what research in genetics has to say about the Biblical historical account versus the Darwinian model of human history. Is the Bible’s history of humankind accurate? If it is, then we should see specific clues…

January 30, 2020


Who Needs a “Why” and a “How”?

Now. The biggest missing link for the evolutionist is how non-living things became living things. The second biggest leap is how prokaryotic cells like bacteria that have no nucleus—much, much smaller—became eukaryotic  cells that have a nucleus and organelles like…

January 12, 2020

Choosing produce at a market

Luck, aka Natural Selection

There is often confusion about the term “Natural Selection” and also about the concept of “luck.” “Luck” is certainly a more philosophical matter, and mostly—hey—up for grabs on what it actually … is. But natural selection is really an interaction…

December 13, 2019

Dr Jackson Sun Star speculation theory video still

Not just an Ordinary Star: Our Sun

A recent article presented a story of how other stars can help us understand the origins of our solar system and picture our past more clearly. But it’s all based on assumptions built on speculations. Today’s short video reminds us…

November 17, 2019

ID 15871332 © Jinfeng Zhang |

Hybrids and Real Shared Ancestors

Hybrids are proof (whether they are fertile or not) that the two parents are really of the same original created kind or Hebrew “Bara” + “min” = ”created” + “kind” …  hence the creationary branch of biological classification called “Baraminology.”…

October 19, 2019

Human Chromosomes with 2 highlighted, photo credit: NIH

Human Chromosome 2 and Ape Ancestors

The simian chromosome 12-13 fusion to human chromosome 2 theory is a favorite of the evolutionists. However—even if it were true (of which there is new evidence for great doubt)—it would be very heavy evidence in favor of … non-common…

September 6, 2019