Is Evolution True? Part 1

by / December 20, 2015

View his latest book, in the Creation Superstore. Originality throughout the Universe covers the entire universe and proves that every object in it was created. And the proofs are not merely subjective arguments. There are no more convincing objective proofs in all of secular classical science.

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Joseph Mastropaolo
Joseph A. Mastropaolo has a B.S., M.S., Ph.D. in kinesiology and a three-year Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship with the National Heart Institute of the National Institutes of Health in human physiology. He taught biomechanics and physiology at California State University, Long Beach for 26 years, has received many grants, awards, and prestigious positions in aerospace physiology and engineering. He is the author of the book Maestro Universe.
Joseph Mastropaolo

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  1. So after all that rambling, the reason he rejects evolution is because he doesn’t understand the first thing about science or logic?

  2. I don’t reject evolution. I merely cannot find it. No one can. It was revealed 347 years ago that evolution is a superstition. Anyone believing superstitions exist may be in need of medical help.

  3. Evolution is more impossible than the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Headless Horseman. See for a list of bluffing evolutionists.

  4. Where is my reply?
    Joseph Mastropaolo

    Joseph Mastropaolo

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