24 Hours: a Poem

Earth from above showing thunderheads above the ocean reflecting sunlight, photo credit: NASA

24 hours

24 hours.
How much can happen in that time?
Oh, a lot, I assure you.
24 hours.
In that time, God created light.
And separated the day from the night.
24 hours.
In 24 hours, the waters were split apart.
Above and below, but that was simply the start.
24 hours.
From sunrise to sunset,
The land, the plants, according to God everything was set.
24 hours.
Greater light, lesser light, the stars,
I wonder if He added planets then, like Jupiter and Mars.
24 hours.
Filling the seas, filling the skies,
With wondrous creatures of all shape and size.
24 hours.
And then God made in his image Adam and Eve,
And generations later, there was me.
24 hours.
Everyone should sit back and enjoy their hard work.
Just as our Lord God did after creating his artwork.
24 hours.
A lot can’t happen in 24 hours?
Think again.

Gabrielle L. 2021 profile

Written by Gabrielle L.

Hello, my name is Gabrielle Lindenberg, and I am 16 years old. I grew up in Hawai'i but now live in Colorado. I attend a public charter school, where God has given me the opportunity to take college classes in high school and take part in the National Honor Society. I attended the 2021 Creation Research Society Conference with my sister and mother, where my sister and I hoped to discover possible passions and career paths. That is where I met Mr. David Rives, who invited me to submit to the Creation Club. I admire the way this website spreads the gospel and proof of Creation. I hope to do the same as I grow older through my writing, God be willing. This is certainly a start to my career, and for that, I am grateful. Praise Jesus!

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  1. We open our minds our hearts and if for a moment we contemplate the gift we’ve been given, what a blessing you are!
    Love always
    Uncle Scott


  3. As the light of each day shines, so then does the light of hopeful daily thinking engage your young mind, Gabrielle. God’s love will remain within all your years of the future. Your blessings will always help engage the lives of those who surround you and I believe you can and will always enjoy your positive thoughts. God bless you.

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