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Could Something ‘Breathe’ Fire?

Both folk tales and even God himself mention dragons as breathing fire. Surely this must be fantasy?

Not necessarily. Modern scientific discoveries show it is possible for a creature to produce something much like fire and live to tell about it. Today’s mini video walks through the issue and one intriguing possibility.

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Written by Stevan Speheger

I’m a retired television and radio broadcast engineer, producer, director, and on-air personality. As a Christian and graduate Electrical Engineer, I’ve spent the last 40 years or so fascinated by the relationship between the Bible and science. My primary sources of post-retirement income are as a voiceover talent ( and as a designer and constructor of television production facilities for churches, schools, and universities as well as conducting training workshops in television production. I’m a ham radio operator (K9OJI), having been licensed for almost 60 years, and I volunteer as a television camera operator and director at my church, Next Level, in Fort Myers, Florida. Find me at Stevan's Scripture Science Blog

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