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Dinosaurs: Not So Old

The Bible is clear that humans were alive at the same time as dinosaurs. We were created to take dominion over allthat God had just created, and Adam named every kind of animal after they were created. Genesis 1 says God created the great beasts, and dinosaurs qualify. Behemoth, likely a sauropod, lived with Job (see Job 40:15). There was no “dinosaur era” millions of years before humans existed. Dinosaur soft tissue and original organics including proteins provide strong evidence for the recency of dinosaurs as well as for the way in which the vast majority of them perished. Further, many dinosaurs have design features that give clues that the pre-flood world was much different than the world today. Fewer than 1,000 species have been identified based on fossils, with fewer than 80 inter-fertile kinds. It would have been feasible for Noah to load juveniles on the Ark.

[Originally posted as Dinosaurs Lived Recently and Died in Noah’s Flood]

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