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Our mission statement is: “Strengthening the faith of God’s children by grounding them in biblical truth and equipping them to discern error, one divine appointment at a time.” Genesis Apologetics is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing Christian families with biblically- and scientifically-based answers to the evolutionary theory that many children are taught in public school. Visit us at Genesis


Dinosaurs, What Did God Know Before the Scientists?

We see claims that dinosaurs died out “65 million years ago” repeated over and over. Evolutionists are adamant that no modern human ever saw a dinosaur alive. But what do we know of from the historical record God preserved for…

May 23, 2020

Moses and the Torah YouTube still

Could Moses Have Written Genesis?

For hundreds of years many scholars have told us someone as early as Moses did not have the tools needed to record both Genesis and the rest of the Books of Moses. Instead they believe these documents were patched together…

May 9, 2020


A Wide-Sweeping Overview of How Noah’s Flood Fits Reality

[Editor’s note: This 22 minute video does an amazing job demonstrating the feasibility of the world-wide flood of Noah’s day occuring. It’s captivating enough to hold the attention of any audience able to understand basic science and history facts. Although…

April 4, 2020


Adam, Science, the Bible, and our Eternal Hope

Theistic Evolutionists do not like to think about what happens to the foundations of our faith if Adam was just a myth or even was an apelike creature the day before God breathed into him. But atheists and serious followers…

March 21, 2020

Genesis 1 vs 2 YouTube still

Genesis 2 Puzzles Explained

It is common for skeptics to claim Genesis chapter 2 contradicts chapter 1 and proves the Bible’s timeline cannot be taken literally. But for those willing to see, the actual words present a different picture. Plus, today’s video addresses several…

March 14, 2020


Creation: Figurative Commandments? Promises? Narrative?

How much clearer could God have been if he wanted us to understand he meant real lengths of time? Opinions on origins of the world are not vague, they expose where we find our authority. [Editor’s note: Old Earth proponents…

March 7, 2020


Why Should We Trust the Bible?

Creation and confidence in the Bible as a whole are necessarily intertwined. If one is weak, the other will be as well—even if someone knows God is real and has a deep faith in Jesus. Praise God, the reverse is…

February 29, 2020


Why Should We Bother with Genesis?

There are many people who claim that insisting on taking Genesis as history is a distraction or even dangerous to the cause of Christ. But what actually happens to us depending on how we view the unknown past without taking…

February 22, 2020

Lucy's features Genesis Apologetics YouTube still

“Lucy” and Friends at the Museum and the Truth

How humans evolved is a strong thrust of the evolutionary training our young people are fed in the public schools. And Lucy is one of the primary examples they turn to supporting their claims. This video takes less than 10…

February 15, 2020


Carbon-14: You Can Understand it in 5 Minutes!

Secular science relies heavily on the measurements of elements breaking down to support their confidence in deep time. And, although it isn’t used for “millions of years,” Carbon 14 seems to be a powerful pointer ‘proving’ the world must be…

February 8, 2020