Food for Thought: A Sort-of Wing?

Stop and think for just a minute:

Could gradual evolutionary change be survived? Imagine a sort-of wing. Even if it would help your descendants after a million years, how would it help you today?

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Written by Stevan Speheger

I’m a retired television and radio broadcast engineer, producer, director, and on-air personality. As a Christian and graduate Electrical Engineer, I’ve spent the last 40 years or so fascinated by the relationship between the Bible and science. My primary sources of post-retirement income are as a voiceover talent ( and as a designer and constructor of television production facilities for churches, schools, and universities as well as conducting training workshops in television production. I’m a ham radio operator (K9OJI), having been licensed for almost 60 years, and I volunteer as a television camera operator and director at my church, Next Level, in Fort Myers, Florida. Find me at Stevan's Scripture Science Blog

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