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For Kids: All Religions Are [Not] Basically the Same

[Editor’s note: Sometimes, the best way to cut to the heart of an issue is to make it absurd. If you can do that and make your teaching entertaining for kids, too, you’ve got a powerful tool for getting a concept across. Bryan does this as well as anyone. And, it doesn’t hurt that there are a lot of real-world Easter eggs in here for the grown ups!]

Karl dons his swami headdress as he plays the role of Swami Robby Tacobell, peddling his new book on how all religions are basically the same, called, We all believe basically the same things, so let’s stop arguing and buy this book. Available now on But not really.

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Written by Bryan Melugin

Bryan runs, teaches science and theatre, makes cartoons and puppets, and wants everyone to know and love Jesus.

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