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J.D. Mitchell

J.D. Mitchell is a retired mechanical engineer, book author, and creation speaker living in the Pacific Northwest. His creation studies specialties are Creation Engineering and Biblical Paleontology. You can find his work at Creation Engineering

Heat Exchanger diagram: ID 31635090 © Mrhighsky |

An Engineering Marvel, the Gazelle

[Originally published as Engineering The Gazelle] Gazelle is the common name for a number of small antelopes of the family Bovidae and subfamily Antilopinae. They are characterized by a sandy color, with a streak of white or red on the…

July 7, 2020

The Engineering Marvel of an Egg

[Originally published as Engineering a Hard-Shelled Egg] The development of a lifeform from a hard-shelled egg is another process filled with wonder in God’s creation. Birds and reptiles are designed to incorporate hard-shelled eggs for reproduction, as were dinosaurs. Like…

June 2, 2020

Giant octopus off the coast of Japan: ID 24786240 © Boris Pamikov |

The Octopus, Amazing Design, Evolutionary Puzzle

[Originally published as The Octopus] Octopuses are amazing animals classified in the phylum Mollusca and in the class called Cephalopoda. This grouping also includes squid, cuttlefish, and nautiloids. Fossilized octopuses have been found deep in the rock record looking pretty…

April 23, 2020

Gears and dots graphic: ID 45330029 © Nelli Valova |

Engineering vs Random Natural Selection

[Originally published as ICR Commits to New Creation Engineering Theory] The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) in Dallas, Texas has recently announced their commitment to a new creation engineering theory developed primarily by Dr. Randy Guliuzza. Dr. Guliuzza is qualified…

March 17, 2020

Platypus swimming: ID 25998343 © Hotshotsworldwide |

It’s More Fun to be a Creationist: The Platypus

[Originally published as The Platypus] THE CREATION IS ENGINEERED – NOT EVOLVED! The platypus, commonly called “the duck-billed platypus” (Ornithorhynchus anatimus), is indeed one of God’s most unique and highly engineered animals. This is one of the animals where evolutionists…

February 5, 2020

Wedding rings

Reproduction: A Powerful Argument Against Evolution

[Originally published as The Best Argument] If you have read some of my arguments against evolution and for creation, you know that I often point out that most evolutionary explanations are just stories—sometimes best understood as fairy tales. However, with…

December 21, 2019

Washington State stream full of rocks: ID 146431858 © Kurt Adams |

Extraordinary Everyday Water

[Originally published as Water] According to scientists, the structure of liquid water is still difficult to comprehend, even after having been studied for over one hundred years. What is not hard to grasp is that without the unusual structure of…

October 30, 2019