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Genomes Not Cooperating with Evolutionary Thinking

Evolutionary Tree of Life showing Gorillas farther from Humans than Chimps are: Illustration 51982494 © Peter Hermes Furian -

[Originally published as the significantly longer RSR: List of Genomes that Just Don’t Fit]

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Genomes that Expose the Error of Neo-Darwinism:

  • An elephant shrew is closer to an elephant than to other shrews
  • Horse DNA is closer to bats than to cows
  • Mouse DNA is the same as 80% of the human genome
  • Sponges share 70% of human genes including for nerves and muscles
  • Kangaroo DNA unexpectedly contains huge chunks of the human genome
  • Gorilla DNA is closer to humans than chimps in 15% of the genome
  • Neanderthal DNA is fully human, closer than a chimp is to a chimp
  • The chimp Y chromosome is “horrendously different” from our ‘Y’

Evolutionists change their selection of what evidence they use to show ‘lineage’, from genes to fossils to anatomy to proteins to behavior to habitat to RNA, etc. and to a combination of such. Darwinism is an entire field of ‘science’ based on selection bias, a kind of logical fallacy. By anti-science they arbitrarily select evidence that best matches whichever evolutionary story is currently preferred. ~Bob Enyart

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  • The human Y is astoundingly similar all over the world lacking the expected mutational variation
  • Mitochondrial Eve “would be a mere 6000 years old” by ignoring chimp DNA and calculating by mutation rates
  • Roundworms have far more genes than Darwinist predictions,19,000, compared to our 20,500 genes
  • The flatworm man-bug “ancestor” genome has “alarmed” evolutionists and is now dislodged from its place at the base.
  • Snake DNA contains a quarter of the cow genome
  • The leading evidence for Darwinism, junk DNA, is vanishing, as the journal Nature reports function for 80% of human genome, moving toward “100%
  • Genomes so challenge common descent that PNAS reports horizontal gene transfer must have “transformed vertebrate genomes”
  • “Genetic diversity exploded in recent millennia” when “vast number of human DNA variants arose only in the past 5,000 years.”
  • Whale and bat DNA share identical astounding sequence: Ha! A wonderful discovery has documented the same echolocation genetic sequences existing in both the bat and whale genomes! Wow! wow! Wow! wow!
  • All those thousands of  ORFan genes [link to a video of Dr. Paul Nelson discussing this topic]!
  • 70% of human genes have an obvious similarity to a gene in zebrafish.
  • The journal Nature reports that the vast majority of the diversity in the human genome has not accumulated over a million years but over only 200 generations. Likewise, the genome-wide diversity of the Dutch is explained in only 70 generations! Researchers also at the Max Planck Institute showed that Australian Aborigines did not require tens of thousands of years for their genetic (and linguistic) diversity, but only 4,000 to 5,000 years! Just like we creationists have been saying all along! Welcome aboard guys! 🙂

DNA Doesn’t Lie — and that includes Gorilla DNA:

It turns out that 15 percent of the gorilla genome is closer to humans than to chimps! Bob and Fred point out that for many decades Darwinists have claimed that humans are closest to chimpanzees. So this throws yet another monkey wrench into the theory of evolution. The “puzzling surprises…” are reported in Nature:

The standard view of the great-ape family tree is that humans and chimps are more similar to each other than either is to the gorilla — because chimps and humans diverged more recently. But, 15% of human genes look more like the gorilla version than the chimp version.

The guys also review the enormous and unanticipated difference between the human Y chromosome and the chimp Y, and the human genome generally with the published comparisons of the sponge genome, a worm, and the kangaroo genome!

Holy Cow Batman! Saddle Up:

Evolutionists for 150 years, based on their story, would draw Darwin’s tree of life showing a cow and a horse somewhat closely related, with bats flittering about elsewhere on the tree.

Now though, after prokaryote studies took a stump grinder to the base of the tree, study after study, as in this peer-reviewed paper in the Proceedings of the Nat’l Academy of Sciences, is taking a wood chipper to the eukaryotes throughout the branches. As explained by New Scientist, disregarding anatomy and drawing a tree of life based on genetic sequencing, evolutionists are now claiming that horses are more closely related to bats than to cows. Really.

Gorilla Ears, Octopus Eyes, and the Platypus:

Evolutionists easily change their selection of what kind of evidence to use to allegedly “document” lineage, from genes, to fossils, to anatomy, to proteins, to RNA, etc. (including any combination), as they arbitrarily select the evidence that best matches whichever Darwinian story du jour is voted most likely to be believed.

Regarding the gorilla, by Darwinian theory hundreds of millions of the gorilla’s nucleotides (genetic letters) should not be ordered the way that they actually are, in that they more closely match the human genome rather than the chimpanzee genome. Why not? Because allegedly, as repeated ten thousand times, including in Nature in 2011, “chimpanzees [are] the closest living relatives of Homo sapiens.”

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Remember though, Science Daily reports that “[I]n about 0.5% of our genome, we are closer related to orangutans than we are to chimpanzees…” whereas in the Journal of Biogeography, forget one-half of one percent, the authors there claim that anatomy trumps genetics as they showed that, actually, i.e., allegedly, our closest living relatives are orangutans!

So watch for diversions to distract from the falsified Darwinian predictions. For now we’ll be hearing that gorilla ears, etc., are more human-like than chimp-like, and also that the orangutans, the gorillas, and chimpanzees, are all our closest living relatives. Ha! Such tactics help to maintain the evolutionary illusion even in the face of strongly falsified evolutionary prediction.

The World’s #2 Journal, Science Reports:

Evolutionists typically don’t publicly admit known gross failure of their theory until after they think they have an alternative. So, here’s what Science magazine reported in 2013, that there’s been:

…a century and a half of disagreement among zoologists proposing often wildly contradictory schemes of animal evolution. Clarity began to emerge with [a science paper,] Field et al.‘s landmark publication 25 years ago of an analysis of animal relationships based on ribosomal RNA (rRNA) sequences.

However, the scientific discoveries reported above show the falsehood of the claim that rRNA sequences are resolving the Darwinian Tree of Life fiasco.

Lots more specific examples to come!

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Written by Bob Enyart

Bob Enyart was cohost Real Science Radio with Fred Williams talking about science to debunk evolution and to show the evidence for the creator God including from biology, geology, astronomy, and physics. RSR didn't only talk the talk. They made their own discoveries, inventions, and breakthrough reports! And they debated atheists and Darwinists as well as spar with anti-creationists. Most fun of all, they got to interview the outstanding scientists who dare to challenge today's accepted creed that nothing created everything.

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