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Haeckel’s Science: Green Around the Gills

In an effort to demonstrate human evolution, paleontologist Richard Swann Lull included Dr. Ernst Haeckel’s depiction of the progressive states of vertebrate development in his book. Dr. Haeckel was an early convert to Darwinism.

Notice that in his illustrations, the first stages of all embryonic development include indications of gill slits… even in humans. That theory is known as biogenetic law, the idea that the embryos of all complex animals go through the same stages of development as those of their evolutionary ancestors.

Later in 1874, a German professor by the name of Wilhelm His documented how Haeckel had to alter his drawings to show gill slits in an effort to support the theory of evolution. This did not slow the Darwinian evolutionists down at all. They continued to advance the theory of biogenetic law.

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Finally, in 1956 it was stated in the Everyman’s Introduction of Darwin’s Origin of the Species, 6th edition, that Haeckel had altered his drawings and that biogenetic law was valueless as a proof of evolution.

Even the renowned evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould admitted that Haeckel had “exaggerated the similarities by idealizations and omissions.”

Ernst Haeckel did admit to his mistakes. His excuse? That there were “…Hundreds of fellow culprits, among them many of the most trusted observers and most esteemed biologists. The great majority of all the diagrams in the best biological textbooks, treatises, and journals would incur in the same degree the charge of ‘forgery,’ for all of them are inexact, and are more or less doctored.”

Yes, Haeckel’s science was green around the gills.

Well over 130 years after the time Haeckel’s work began to come into question, school textbooks still use drawings based on his falsified illustrations. Today’s evolutionary agenda is conquering the vulnerable minds of children with a false sense of science.

While the Christian religion is removed from the schools, the religion of evolution is more firmly cemented in the classroom.

I’m David Rives…
Truly, The Heavens Declare the Glory of God.

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