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How can a Tuatara be More “Advanced” than “Younger” Lizards?

Tuatara have been referred to as living fossils, due to a perception that they retain many basal characteristics from around the time of the squamate–rhynchocephalian split (240 MYA). Morphometric analyses of variation in jaw morphology among tuatara and extinct rhynchocephalian relatives have been argued to demonstrate morphological conservatism and support for the classification of tuatara as a ‘living fossil’, but the reliability of these results has been criticised and debated. ~Wikipedia

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a neat and tidy set of evolutionary facts showing how organisms evolve and then reach stasis? It would certainly make keeping those pesky creationists at bay. But here is an example from a recent report that makes it rather laughable to think of the tuatara as more primitive than lizards:

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Dr Charl

Written by Dr. Charles Jackson

Dr. Charles Jackson has four degrees in science and education and taught secondary school sciences 11 years, then college biology and chemistry 6 years, and then teacher education classes 6. In 2003, Dr. Jackson founded Points of Origins and began teaching, speaking, and debating in creation science education. Keenly interested in liberating Christian students from the delusion that their faith has been refuted by modern science, Dr. J crusades against evolutionary dogma on college campuses across the United States. He has presented creation science instruction in churches, to both secular and Christian high school and college faculties, to student assemblies from elementary through high school, and to Christian groups on many college campuses.

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