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How Much is it Worth to Find a Way Around the Laws of Nature?

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Just a few years ago the Royal Society announced a new scientific prize. Here’s the goal:

Origin of Information is the central question in Origin Of Life (“Abiogenesis”). It’s critical to evolution itself. It is the most fundamental scientific question that can be precisely defined. A breakthrough may be as valuable as Einstein’s E=MC^2 or the invention of the transistor.

How badly do they want it? To the tune of 10 million US dollars.

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Now, this interests me on several levels. Clearly, their money is safe from ever having to be paid out. God’s not about to let anyone start a life form that didn’t originate with him. Their goal flies in the face with the law of:

1. Term given by Huxley to the principle that life originates from preexisting life only and never from nonliving material.
2. Generation of living organisms from other living organisms.

Naturally, someone who rejects a Creator God has no choice but to believe this law was once violated. And, it seems even modern, enlightened scientists are hopeful it can be violated again by intelligent designers.

But I Thought Evolution Had Nothing to Do with the Origin of Life?

The origin of life is certainly an interesting topic, but it is not a part of evolutionary theory. The study of the naturalistic origins of life is called abiogenesis. While scientists have not developed a clear explanation of how life might have developed from non-living material, that has no impact on evolution. ~Learn

It doesn’t seem the Royal Society agrees. Not only did they claim “it’s critical to evolution itself,” they titled their prize:

The Evolution 2.0 Prize

If evolution doesn’t deal with starting life from scratch, why would they ever pick such a name?

Here’s why people like the writer here want and need to separate the two concepts:

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Evolution and evolutionary theory are already confusing enough. Yet, it becomes more complicated when creationists promulgate the mistaken idea that evolution is the same as abiogenesis.

How are they ever supposed to stand their ground with people who believe in a Creator God if they have to account for not just the development of species, but even life in the first place?

We also are men of like passions with you, and preach unto you that ye should turn from these vanities unto the living God, which made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and all things that are therein: Acts 14:15

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Written by Cheri Fields

Hi, I’m Cheri Fields: 2nd generation homeschooling mom of seven, wife, writer, and science lover. There is a wealth of information available to help people see how trustworthy God and His testimony in the Bible is. The key is to explain concepts simply so they can be understood by anyone. This is my goal, and I’ve had a lot of fun tackling areas where the world tests our faith.

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