How to Encourage Healthy Teachings about Origins

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Teacher addressing pupils in a high school science lesson

[Originally published as Genesis vs Darwinism]

Many Christians believe the true account of our beginnings is recorded in Genesis. Now, compare this to what schools teach children about origins.

There is admissible and inadmissible evidence that is allowed in science classes. Explanations that agree with Darwinian evolution are admissible in schools, but the explanations that agree with Genesis are inadmissible. The key to understanding this disparity is that all science has been limited to explanations that are naturalistic. Anything with a supernatural aspect is ruled out-of-bounds in science.

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Consider the following explanations about our origins.

  • It’s all right to teach that all life (past and present) evolved from the same first living cell (known as the common ancestor to all living things). The creation of fully formed plants, animals, and humans is an inadmissible explanation for origins.

There is an acceptable naturalistic explanation for how the common ancestor evolved into all the plants and animals on earth—also how the universe evolved. A supernatural explanation for how all plants, animals, and humans came to be is inadmissible.

  • Evolution is admissible because it claims that all plants, animals, and humans proceeded from random natural events. The idea that these things came about by supernatural, planned, purposeful acts is inadmissible.

There is an acceptable timeline of millions of years telling when certain plants and animals first appeared on earth and when or if they went extinct. Evidence that we live on a young earth that is only thousands of years old is inadmissible in science.

  • It is admissible to teach that sedimentary layers of rocks and fossils were gradually deposited over millions of years. The explanation that they were deposited rapidly by a worldwide flood is inadmissible.

Look at how much of the Genesis account is not allowed in science classes. Since no supernatural events are allowed as an explanation for how the universe, the earth, living things, and humans began, Christian parents should be concerned that their children are finding that an atheistic worldview is acceptable.

So what can parents (and grandparents) do?

  • Buy good books and DVDs that defend Creation and the Flood and show students the scientific evidence for these events. Read Bible-based books about origins, and use them as basis for a family discussion. This is a very powerful strategy or helping children develop a Christian worldview.
  • Subscribe to a Creation Magazine—Creation Ministries International ( or Creation Studies Institute (, Creation Magazine; Answers in Genesis, ( Answers Magazine; Institute for Creation Science (, Act & Facts Magazine. Discuss articles as a family.
  • Join a group that is advocating for objectivity in teaching science, such as Citizens for Objective Public Education (C.O.P.E.). See for legal experts who advocate for teaching both the strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian evolution (Darwinian evolution proposes that all life, including humans evolved over millions of years from the same one-celled organism by means of random natural processes, natural selection, and mutations.) Most states only teach the evidence that would support Darwinian evolution. If students were able to see the strong scientific evidence that challenges Darwinian evolution, many of them would have no trouble rejecting its basic claims.
  • Call or write your state representative and senator and ask them not to approve N.G.S.S. with its heavy emphasis on evolution and climate change from K-12. (Also contact your governor and state school board.)
  • Call or write your state representative and senator and ask them to approve a state science framework that allows students to analyze and critique controversial topics like Darwinian evolution and climate change. Otherwise they will only be taught selective evidence and assumptions that favor evolution/climate change, which is no more than indoctrination.

Read for both sides of origins topics and to find up-to-date references and resources about creation topics.

I invite you to read articles coauthored by me in Icons of Evolution at for both sides of iconic Darwinian topics. (May be in the process of building the website.)

  • Pray for God’s guidance about what you need to do and be persistent.

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Written by Dr. Carolyn Reeves

I taught junior high school science for thirty years before retiring. After reading evidence for a worldwide flood, I was convinced that not only was the flood real history, but the Bible was God’s inerrant, infallible, inspired Word. I coauthored a series of elementary science books published by MasterBooks, and later produced videos for all of the investigations. I have written several articles and anthologies for Christian publications. I maintain my own website, Underground Paradigm, where I write articles pertaining to a variety of topics that support biblical teachings. My husband, Jim Reeves, and I have three children and fourteen grandchildren. We are active members of a local Mississippi Baptist church.
I have three degrees: B.S. (major in biology and minor in chemistry); Master of Combined Sciences; and Doctor of Education.

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