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My Body, My Choice…?

My Body My Choice

We have all heard this feminist slogan, and even for those of us who do not agree with the feminist agenda as a whole, it can be difficult to argue with the concept. In reality, arguing with someone who has a completely different, secular foundation will always prove difficult.

But God’s Word is powerful and must never be left out of a discussion, and His Word should always be the basis of our thinking.

So what does the Bible say about our bodies and our choice?

We must consider authority and autonomy. Obviously, God is the ultimate authority. He created our bodies. He created the rules, and since He is a loving God, those rules are what is best for us. American culture strongly values autonomy—making our own decisions for our lives, and, to some extent, this is a good thing, better than a man-made government making decisions for our lives. But at its core, autonomy can run contrary to the idea of submitting to God. We can make decisions for ourselves within the boundaries God has set for us.

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Teaching children that they have authority over their own bodies is important, but they must also be taught that they are under the authority of God and others whom God has placed over them, such as parents. For example, my youngest child hates kisses. From the time she was a tiny toddler, she would cringe and wipe away even Mommy’s kisses, much to my dismay.

I was tempted to force her to accept my affection and get over her seemingly petty disdain, but I realized that she would later need to be comfortable telling boys “no” to their displays of affection, so I decided to show my respect for her as a child of God by showing love in ways that she is comfortable with. Thankfully, she loves snuggling with mom on the couch!

“My body, my choice?”

Not really. Our bodies were made by God, and as such, they are His more than they are ours. He does give us free will, but we will suffer the consequences for choices that go against His will, and we will reap benefits for obedience.

Even those who claim not to believe in God know that He exists and that they are accountable to Him (see Romans 1:20 and 2:14-15), so declaring the truth to them may not sound as crazy as you think it will. Telling unbelievers about the Law of God and the salvation available through Jesus Christ is the most loving thing we can do.

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Stephanie's Worldview Watch

Written by Worldview Watch

Stephanie is a weekly columnist on the Creation Club and a concerned mom who has a passion for responding to the constant attacks of secular humanism and contrasting them with the Biblical Worldview.

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