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North America and the Worldwide Flood

Live in or interested in North America? How cool is it to picture the kinds of processes that shaped the landscape we find around us!

Some look at the rocks and see millions of years. We can look at them and see God’s judgment, mercy, and provision.

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  1. Speaking of a global flood, did you see the USA Today article on Thursday: “Sharks in Kentucky? Researchers’ minds are blown by this discovery at a national park” ( Well, scientists that are creationists aren’t having their minds blown… they already expected this! Besides being blown away by finding this in Kentucky, they made this statement: “Fossils of shark skeletons are rare because cartilage does not typically survive fossilization.” Again, scientists that believe in creation are surprised by this find. Fossils of shark skeletons are rare… UNLESS THEY ARE RAPIDLY BURIED BY MUD IN A CATASTROPHIC FLOOD! Come on USA Today, admit to the truth, the flood is no fable!

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