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Our Lives Depend on the Sun and the Son

Golden Grand Canyon sunset: Photo 43582519 © Valentin Armianu |

[Originally published as The Necessity of the Sun]

One of the dominating features of the Southwest — including the Grand Canyon — is the sun. We photo journal its explosion into the day and its quiet fade in the evening. God has designed the sun to be exactly where it needs to be in relationship to the earth for the provision of life.

There are places on the earth that go through long periods of time without the sun. Artificial means are required to make up for the loss of vitamin D. These places also have high struggles with depression.

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The sun just makes us feel better.

We have experienced that living in Northern Arizona. People here just seem much happier than other places we have been. It is our deduction that is directly related to the abundance of sunshine and the ability to get outside to enjoy it. Life away from the sun is dark, cold, and lonely.

This is true of the SON as well.

The Son of God, Jesus the Christ, brings you life. When we live in His presence we receive the gifts of joy, love, peace, and so much more. He was positioned perfectly into history to pay the price for the sin of the world and conquer death. Because of His perfectly timed work, our debt is paid and we have been brought from death to life. Indeed, that is not all. There is a day to come when He will return and finish His work and present the church to His Father where we will spend eternity in unspeakable joy.

However, life away from the Son is dark, lonely, and cold. Let us live as people of the light rather than those who perform their acts in the dark.

The Grand Canyon is a great place to experience both the sun and the SON. It provides testimony to the truth of who God is, what He has done, and what He will do.

Don’t believe me? Come see for yourself.  You need a little time in the sun…er…I mean the SON!

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