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Proof – The Pollination of Plants

Plants need to pollinate to become more spread and diverse across the world. Pollination is their way to spread pollen, which is like flower sperm. The pollen spreads to other flowers in which it gets into the female part of the flower and creates seeds for new baby flowers.

Bees, which were created along with man on the sixth day, pollinate plants and flowers by transferring nutrients and pollen to other flowers to help the plants grow and diversify. Without bees and other pollinating insects and animals, flowers would definitely die. If you ask any plantologist—I mean botanist—or biologist they would tell you plant and flower life cannot live a long time without some amount of pollination, especially the pollination by another organism.

If the third day of creation, when plants and vegetation —as well as dry land— were made, was actually a millions of year period of time, then the vegetation wouldn’t have been able to reproduce, be pollinated -and live -for about FOUR MILLION YEARS (If each day were equal to one million years) until bees and insects! Insects and animals were created on the sixth day and the plants and flowers were created on the third day… FOUR MILLION YEARS apart? Any sane truthful botanist would tell you flowers could NOT survive without pollination for FOUR MILLION YEARS! Get the point now?

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Written by Christ Follower

This gentleman loves Jesus so much he is working on his biblical scholarship degree, which has meant stepping out of the active creation science community. He has asked for his real name to be removed from here because, although he continues to trust God on creation, he feels he's grown so much as a writer since these articles were written!

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