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Ten Years Later: A Prediction of the Fate of Creationism

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[Originally published in 2014 as Bill Nye Makes a Prediction.
Editor’s note: While we still have a decade to go to find out whether Nye’s prediction will come true or not, there are facts that aren’t cooperating with his assumptions too well. The same year he made his prediction, this website was founded to help everyday people better understand the case for our Creator God and his judgment through the global flood.
As for the future of the creation scientist community, t
he Creation Research Society had this comment about the 2023, International Conference on Creationism IX: “An encouraging aspect of the event was the involvement of young scholars and students. Their fresh perspectives and unwavering dedication inspired hope for the future growth and development of creation research and education.”]

Despite the fact that Bill Nye is known as “The Science Guy,” some of his behavior is rather anti-science. He doesn’t think certain scientific ideas should be debated, despite the fact that conflict between competing theories is one of the most important aspects of science. He also narrated a faked experiment, demonstrating his lack of understanding of basic climate science along the way. Nevertheless, he is an interesting (and funny) guy. In addition, he debated Ken Ham on the creation/evolution issue. Even though the debate was not all that interesting, it was nice to see him engage in it. That’s more than most evolutionists will do! As a result, I like to keep up with what Bill Nye is doing and saying.

He was recently in Canada to attend the 65th International Astronautical Congress. While there, he was interviewed on The Morning Show. You can see the entire interview here. Not surprisingly, I disagreed with much of what he had to say, but I want to highlight two of his statements here. The first is a prediction. When speaking of creationists, Nye said:

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In another 20 years, I claim, those guys will be just about out of business. That’s my claim.

I am willing to make exactly the opposite claim. I predict that in 20 years, creationism will be stronger than ever. I expect more scientists will be creationists, creationism will be more openly discussed in academic settings, and there will be more groups dedicated to communicating creationism to the general public. This will be true not only for the U.S. but for most countries in the world. After all, contrary to a previous statement Bill Nye made, creationism isn’t something unique to the U.S.

Barring some unforeseen tragedy, Mr. Nye and myself should both be alive in 20 years. It will be interesting to see whose prediction is the more accurate one.

I did want to point out one other statement he made because I found it rather bizarre. While talking about the search for life on Mars and Europa, he said:

If we were to find life on either of those worlds, it would utterly change this world. Everybody would think differently about everything.

I can’t imagine that’s true. Whether or not life exists on other worlds doesn’t affect my thinking about much of anything. Since I believe in a Creator, I can imagine that He created life on many worlds. Thus, if we find a microorganism on Mars or some sort of aquatic creature swimming in the seas of Europa, that wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I would find it incredibly interesting, but it wouldn’t change my thinking at all.

Now, of course, if an alien life form that could think, feel, and reason were found, that might change my thinking on a lot of things. However, no one expects to find that kind of life on Mars or Europa. In addition, if life were found on either of those worlds, we would have to make sure it’s not contamination from our own world. After all, there are well over 100 Martian rocks that have made their way to earth. Thus, it is possible that earth rocks have made their way to Mars, carrying some microorganisms along with them.

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Dr. Jay Wile

Written by Jay Wile

As a scientist, it is hard for me to fathom anyone who has scientific training and does not believe in God. Indeed, it was science that brought me not only to a belief in God, but also to faith in Christianity. I have an earned Ph.D. from the University of Rochester in nuclear chemistry and a B.S. in chemistry from the same institution.

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