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The Author’s Original Intent in the Creation Debate

Opening page of Genesis in Hebrew, photo credit: Jim Brenneman

[Originally published as The One Question Critics of a Literal Genesis Need to Answer]

When it comes to the very first chapters of the Bible, there is no shortage of disagreement about the meaning.

Some, like myself, think that Moses wrote these early chapters and that he intended to teach God’s creation of the world in terms of six, literal, 24 hour days. Others believe that while he did write that, that is not what he intended to teach.

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Still others believe that’s not even what he wrote—or that he wasn’t even the writer!

So I have one simple question for those who take a view other than my own.

How would you expect the writer of Genesis to have worded it differently if he meant it to be taken literally rather than figuratively? 

Listen in to this episode to hear the challenge:

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Written by Steve Schramm

Steve is an author, speaker, and Bible teacher with a heart for exploring God’s Word and God’s world. He trains Christians to become confident, passionate servants of Jesus, so they can grow in their walk with God and share their faith more persuasively. Enroll in Steve's FREE email course, The Battle for the Beginning, by going to

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