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The History of Creation Geology: Flood Rocks

[Editor’s note: This episode is an eye-opening look at the unbroken research and thinking of biblical geologists from the time before Darwin through the present. Some of the topics they discuss are rarely, if ever, presented anywhere else. You’re in for a historical and geological treat!]

Where a geologist draws the line between the flood rock layers and post-flood local deposits is a big deal. It seems as if this should be an easy distinction to make, but as you will see, it’s far more complicated. And being careless with how you approach this issue has the potential to undermine the whole foundation of your geological framework.

You can find the resources and other sources by visiting the show notes. There are several more episodes in this series as well as dozens of other discussions available at Let’s Talk

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Todd Wood

Written by Todd Wood

Todd Charles Wood is a creation scientist not afraid to tackle tough issues for biblical creationists, especially related to human paleontology. He is an active teacher of high school science and hosts retreats and produces materials to inspire young people to take the Bible and science seriously.
Find him at ToddcWoods blogspot and Core Academy of Science websites
He holds a B.S. in Biology from Liberty University in Virginia and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Virginia

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