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Todd Charles Wood is a creation scientist not afraid to tackle tough issues for biblical creationists, especially related to human paleontology. He is an active teacher of high school science and hosts retreats and produces materials to inspire young people to take the Bible and science seriously. Find him at ToddcWoods blogspot and Core Academy of Science websites He holds a B.S. in Biology from Liberty University in Virginia and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Virginia

Neanderthal man reconstruction: ID 53497810 © Slawek Kozakiewicz |

The Evidence Keeps Messing With the Narrative: Neanderthals Were Smart

[Originally published as A Cord of Three Strands] …a threefold cord is not quickly broken (Ecc. 4:12) How smart was a Neanderthal? During the first half of the twentieth century, artists and experts emphasized an animalistic depiction, with pictures that…

May 21, 2020

Flores Island rainforest with waterfalls

Variety and Abilities of Early Humans of the Far East

[Originally published as Asian Diversity and the Seafaring Hominin] Southeast Asia has long been a location of great interest in the study of fossil hominins. The remains of the famous “Java man” were discovered at a site called Trinil in…

April 15, 2020

Landscape in Xiahe district, Tibet: ID 27258583 © Jinfeng Zhang |

Human Diversity in the Fossil Record

Only recently did proteomics research reveal that it was actually a Denisovan.  I have a general description over on Human Genesis, but I also wanted to consider a few more technical questions. The big question people have been kind of buzzing about is whether Denisovans are a separate species. 

March 4, 2020

Clay pit in Bavaria where the fossils were discovered, photo credit: Ordercrazy

A New Ape Fossil, Assumptions, and Educated Guesses

[Originally published as Thoughts on Danuvius, that new Miocene ape fossil] There’s a new fossil paper in Nature that’s grabbing some headlines, and frankly, it’s an odd one. I’m going to give a few semi-technical thoughts here. This post is…

January 24, 2020

Green pears on the tree, photo credit: George Hodan

Thinking Beyond Forbidden Fruit

[Originally published as Forbidden fruit was just the beginning] I had some thoughts over the weekend, and I wanted to get them down before I forgot.  I’ve been pondering the Fall and the forbidden fruit.  In Genesis 2-3, the forbidden…

December 10, 2019

Model of the Solar System, Moscow, Russia: ID 115571149 © Elena Koromyslova |

Modeling Reality and the Scientific Search for Truth

[Originally published as What is the creation model?] In the spring of 1900, a crew of sponge divers returning to their home in the Greek isles happened to take shelter from a storm off the northeastern coast of the tiny…

October 17, 2019

Two medieval Mappa Mundi depictions

The Ongoing Puzzle of Integrating Science and the Biblical Timeline

[Originally published as My Abstract from Reclaiming Wisdom] I thought some of you might like to read my abstract from the conference this July.  So here you go. After Adam: Thoughts on the Integration of Biblical and Human History Todd…

September 4, 2019

Brain Size and Human Evolution: An Example of the Puzzle

Awhile ago, I published the graph shown above with the cranial capacity of hominins over conventional time. I’ve seen this graph again and again from otherwise credible evolutionary biologists, and it’s primarily used to discredit creationist claims about the uniqueness…

July 30, 2019

Mangrove snake with open mouth: ID 26061633 © Dennis Donohue |

And It Was Very Good: Deadly Designs

[Originally published as The goodness of God’s design] Back in March, I went to see the documentary The Riot and the Dance with Gordon Wilson, and I was deeply moved by what I saw (read my thoughts here). I really had no…

June 26, 2019

A CG depiction of dozen lizard species: ID 70178272 © Ekaterina Muzyka |

Did Species All Arise at the Same Time?

[Originally published as Are all animal species really the same age?] Everybody’s talking about a news reports that all animal species are basically the same age.  I’ve seen it on my social media feed.  I’ve gotten questions about it by…

May 9, 2019