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The Human Genome Keeps ‘Shrinking’

No, the size of the genome has not changed, but the number of genes we thought it contains certainly has. After lots of double checking, there are fewer known protein-coding genes today (~19,000) than there were when the human genome was first published, and even that count (~23,000) was shockingly small, according to the predictions of the world’s top geneticists. The nature of the genome has consistently surprised people, but mostly because they applied Darwinian concepts to it. Instead, the genome is a wonderful testimony to the engineering prowess of God, who built something unexpected.

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Written by Dr. Robert Carter

He obtained a BS in Applied Biology from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992. He is currently a senior scientist and speaker for CMI-USA in Atlanta, Georgia, where he lives with his wife, Leanne, and children and is currently researching human genetics and other issues related to biblical creation.

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