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The Nature of God | Hawaiian Adventures | Peter Schreimer

Have you ever wondered if God is looking out for us? Does He give us what we need? Does He help us in times of crisis?
Psalm 46:1

So God tells us that He is there for us, and He will help His children. But how? We’re about to meet an amazing creature that will help illustrate just that. But first let’s look at the home of some of these animals, as well as some of their neighbors.

As a wildlife naturalist, I have spent my life studying God’s creation. A naturalist is someone who studies and caries about animals, plants, and their habitats. Every time I go outside, I’m amazed at the incredible creatures that God has made, and that He designed them to live in special places that we call ‘habitats’.

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A habitat is a complex space, where a plant or animal can live, like a pond, a forest, or even your back yard. An animal needs six things in a habitat to survive: (Listed on-screen.)

When I see how God has made such a big and complex, natural world, it reminds me that He is all-knowing, and is always there for us. I hope you brought your sunscreen and swimsuit today, because we are headed into the biggest habitat on earth: The Pacific Ocean!

The Pacific Ocean is the biggest body of water in the world, and covers one-third of the earth’s surface. It is so big, that all the continents could fit inside with it, with room left over!

WOW! We’re talking about one big ocean that has many different habitats, with many amazing creatures. If you were a creature living in the ocean, what would it be like?

First, you’d need to be able to get fresh water out of an ocean of salt water. Some animals are designed to get water out of the food that they eat, while others are able to filter the salt out of the ocean water they drink. Definitely salty!

Another issue is getting oxygen. Most living creatures need oxygen, because oxygen gives cells and molecules the energy they need in order to function. Creatures like fish get oxygen out of the water, using their gills, while other animals, like whales, come up to the surface and breathe air, like we do.

Since ocean plants need sunlight, and most ocean animals eat ocean plants or other animals, the majority of sea life is near the surface, where they can catch some rays!

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Temperature is also a big deal. Creatures like Sea Turtles …

The Nature of God is a new series of videos and books hosted by Peter Schreimer, host of The Smithsonian Channel’s “Critter Quest!”. Join Peter as he explores the ecosystems and habitats of The Great Lakes in Michigan, and the tropical paradise of Hawaii. In addition to the DVD series and books, this video curriculum has been designed for use in churches and schools. Kids will love learning about God’s fantastic, exciting, and awe-inspiring nature!

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Written by Peter Schreimer

An award winning filmmaker who has received more than fifteen prestigious industry awards, Peter is America’s hands-on naturalist. He enjoys exploring outside, assisting field biologists with research projects, and teaching children about God’s wondrous creation. Host of the Smithsonian HD Channel’s Critter Quest and Zondervan's "The Nature of God" curriculum series.

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