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The Purpose of Outer Space?

Orion Nebula, David Rives

Space’s vast expanse has been a curiosity to people for years, but why is it there?

I had a dream one night where the sky was filled with different galaxies and nebulae. It was a beautiful sight. I was looking up at it in awe. Later in the dream an older man came to me and asked something like: “What even is the purpose of space?” and I answered something like this:

Space gives glory to God. You see how vast the universe is? Well, God’s above all of that. You can see how small the earth is in comparison. We’re tiny and insignificant, yet He cares so much for us. We’re a microscopic spec in creation, yet He made us in His image and sent His son, to us to die for us when we screwed up instead of just abandoning us. Earth specifically is His footstool.

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He set up all these stars for lights, sights and signs, just for us. The other planets are to remind us that without God’s presence, we’re empty and desolate, empty like a wandering star, as Earth is specialized, by God, for life. All the bodies of the sky also showcase his creativeness and his power. He literally spoke all of these massive marvels into existence in a day. The one who did all of this specially created us. He specifically knows the numbers of hairs on each of our heads. He knows all of us and He loves all of us.

God is powerful and all knowing, yet he cares so much for us seemingly insignificant sinners. How can one compare the feelings of worthlessness to the love of the almighty, living God? I feel sorry for those who look into space and think:

We’re so tiny compared to all of this, we really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I can’t believe it all exploded into this!

That thought process says humans have no real value and it fails to give credit where credit is due. What we should all think when we look up is:

God cares so much for me despite how small I am. Truly the heavens declare his glory, his creativeness, and his power! I am loved and I’m grateful to He who created it all for creating me!

Basically space, to me, showcases God’s glory, creativity, power, and helps us better understand our importance to Him.

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Written by Sara H.

Sara is a recent high school grad with a passion for creation science. She is excited to be tackling popular arguments against the truth of our Creator and beginning to interact with big ideas on the ground with her generation.

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