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Interacting with a Skeptic: an Internet Example

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[Originally published as Big Words and Other Cute Arguments from Atheists]

In response to this comment on Actually Atheists, You do have the Burden of Proof:

You know, it is highly unlikely, that there will be any cosmologists or astrophysicist ruminating this post. I’m guessing they weren’t your target audience. Here, you are making a specious agreement and displaying, for all the world to see, a completely fallacious argument.

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The burden of proof lies solely with the claimant. Atheism is the rejection of the claim that a god exists. It’s what the word means! The end. Over and out. That’s all folks. To subscribe anything else to the word is either hypocrisy or deceit.

In an attempt to, how did you put it, oh yes, “I know you are but what am I”, you conflate two diametrically opposite conclusions to the question of origins implying that the two are meritorious. They are not. The claim that god did it is a conclusion that has no probative value. A dead end. A terminus to inquiry. As a layperson I have only a rudimentary understanding of the topic but I know the process is exacting. The current understanding of the question of origins is not a claim of surety but are reasoned conclusions based solely on a process called science.

My response: Its cute that you like to use big words. I used to do that a lot back in high school.
But I have to make this quick because I have a science lecture to give to some preschoolers in an hour (And I’m not even making that up).

  1. cosmologists and astrophysicist ALWAYS ruminate my posts! They are the only people I allow to subscribe.
  2. You call my argument “fallacious” but offer no reasons WHY it is, and thus I do not believe you really think it is. I think this is emotional name calling.
  3. You say “Atheism is the rejection of the claim that a god exists. It’s what the word means!” But I do not believe this. I reject it. Which means, you have the burden of proof and must prove it to me.
  4. I don’t think you will even try.
  5. It won’t matter if you do, because I have already addressed this many times in posts and videos like the ones you will find here:
  6. That you think the claim that God made the universe is a “terminus to inquiry” only shows how little you know about Creation science, or science in general which was founded by Christian creationists, and which can only exist in a Christian worldview.
  7. It also shows how little you know about the MANY ways evolution/big bang have LITERALLY Stopped the progress of science because of the dogma of those fool ideas.
  8. If you think Big Bang or evolution are based on science, then you are in good company, but sadly, a company of fools.
  9. Check out the truth here:
  10. And have a nice day. I’m off to preschool to talk science with people who don’t put on airs by using big words. They don’t know any.

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Written by Bryan Melugin

Bryan runs, teaches science and theatre, makes cartoons and puppets, and wants everyone to know and love Jesus.

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