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The Stones’ Story Retold

Mount St. Helens, May 17, 1980, photo credit: USGS

Many generations have come and gone,

But the story of the stones is read all wrong.

Evidence of the flood now promotes Satan’s lie,

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“Geological features show Millions of years”

There is no God controlling, or so it appears.

So man could see the folly of Satan’s fairytale

God allowed him to witness the Flood – on a miniature scale.

Canyons carved in hours, sediment layered high,

Uprooted trees replanted on the bottom of the lake,

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All this did God orchestrate just for man’s sake.

In 1980 on the eighteenth of May

God put His mighty power on permanent display.

He shook the mountain and smoke filled the sky,

Then the world watched as Mt. St. Helens blew,

Perhaps man will now listen

To the story that is true.

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Carla Estell portrait

Written by Carla Estell

Carla Estell is a 1987 graduate of Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. She has been involved in Christian education and her family's creation ministry which she and her husband Brian began in 1998. They traveled with their 6 homeschooled children through 48 states visiting geological sites, collecting fossils and sharing at camps, schools and churches. In 2016 they relocated to Illinois where Brian now works for Samaritan Ministries while Carla continues to homeschool, tutor and write. They are still available part time for seminars and VBS. More information about their ministry can be found at Stone’s True Story

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