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The “WOW” of the Grand Canyon

Canyon Ministries raft tour at the bottom of the Grand Canyon

[Originally published in 2019 as WOW!]

We are nearly at the halfway mark of the river tour season. Our time at the bottom of Grand Canyon is always super sweet. Great friendships, scenery, and adventure combine in the most perfect blend of sights, sounds, and emotions.

As always, the most common word spoken is, “Wow!” I have always attributed this to the flood of beauty overwhelming the eyes and brain. I still believe this to be true, but I have come to learn that there is more going on with every wow moment. The word itself can help us understand the reaction of the heart that is expressed through our voice and shows up on our face.

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The first “W” is for Wonder

  • There are 3 layers to the wonder of Grand Canyon
  • We are recognizing the wonder of a mighty God. This is woven into our hearts and reflected in some manner in every people-group on earth. We are drawn to the magnificence of wonder. It’s a reverent wonder.
  • We are once again connecting with the wonder we encountered as a child. A childlike faith is pure and delightful. In fact, we are asked to approach God with a childlike faith. It’s a giddy wonder.
  • We are left to wonder how something so incredible was formed and what it means about events of the past. It’s an inquisitive wonder.

The “O” is for Overwhelmed

The immensity of the Grand Canyon overwhelms the senses. The eyes cannot keep up with the bombardment of images. The ears are stunned by the power of the river and sweetness of the birds. The desert smells are strange and wonderful. Everything is so big and I feel so small.

The second “W” is for Welcome

In spite of the overwhelming feeling of smallness, there is a sense of welcome when in the Grand Canyon. The canyon itself invites you to be welcomed and let go of all the distractions of life. Even more so, there is a strong sense of God communicating his love and welcoming you into his presence. Although you are a visitor to this foreign land, you are welcomed and invited into peace and rest.

For a little word, “wow” has a lot to say. Come join us for your own time of wow!

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