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Was it an Asteroid that Killed Off the Dinosaurs?


Originally published on the Genesis Apologetics FAQ

Most believe that an enormous impact caused an underground crater beneath the Gulf of Mexico, but impact craters are all round, and this feature is not. The impact theory also suffers from the fact that fossil frogs look the same as today’s frogs. Frogs would have died before dinosaurs. The evidence is clear that a global, cataclysmic world-wide flood killed off the dinosaurs, burying them in certain vast sedimentary rock layers on all earth continents. There is, however, evidence that asteroids were involved in the Flood’s destructive process, but Catastrophic Plate Tectonics were also involved. See video below:

CPT violently moved continental plates, resulting in tsunamis. These served as the Flood’s primary burial catalyst for the demise of the dinosaurs.

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