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Where Does Real Authority Come From?

God is still on the Throne with cross silhouetted against a Grand Canyon sunset

[Originally published as God Is Still On The Throne]

The question of authority is at the root of much of what we are witnessing today.

  • Who has the authority to determine value?
  • Who has the authority to dispense justice?
  • Who has the authority to dispense mercy?

Many in America believe the individual is authorized to determine these things according to their own circumstances and experience. To them, authority and truth are relative and individual. They believe we determine these by our own volition. However, people have vastly different experiences and circumstances. Therefore, vastly different outcomes might be reached.

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Proponents of this philosophy of authority and truth tell us that we should value tolerance and allow people the freedom to determine justice and mercy for themselves. Within that concept alone, one assumes their own authority enables them to either grant or decline the other’s freedom of thought. This all looks rather euphoric until someone else’s authority and truth step on my authority and truth. This is when it falls apart and chaos ensues.

Philosophically and pragmatically, authority and truth must come from outside of us.

  • I (we) do not possess the authority to determine the value of someone else. Their value is given and irremovable, established by the hand of the Creator. We do not determine it; we live according to it.
  • I (we) do not have the authority to command the life of another.
  • I (we) live under the authority of another.

We function in a system of authority and submission. All authority in heaven and earth belongs to God. He is the one on the throne. We are the ones who live in submission to His authority and truth. God has authority over all things because He is the Creator of all things. According to Colossians 1, this includes all things on earth and in heaven, both visible, and invisible.

Psalm 96:5 says, “For all the gods of the people are worthless idols, but the LORD made the heavens.” God established all things—including authority and truth. Therefore, God alone sits on the throne. God determines the value of a human. God determines justice and mercy. We live in submission to His authority and truth. He is sovereign over all things and in and by Him all things hold together.

Within Grand Canyon we see evidence of God’s orderly and amazing creation, as well as evidence of God’s judgment on the sinfulness of human beings. Both sets of evidence testify to only one being with such power, wisdom, and authority: Almighty God Himself.

Despite the destruction of the original creation by the global flood of Noah’s day, God demonstrates His desire for reconciliation and restoration. The beauty of the canyon today reminds us that God can change ashes into beauty and sorrow into joy.

No matter how chaotic our world might appear, the authority and truth of God can never be moved. God is still on the throne. Take heart, brothers and sisters. In this world we will witness and experience trouble, but our King has overcome the world!

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