Neanderthal is My Brother

by / September 14, 2016

Maybe you’ve seen humorous representations of “cavemen” in various ad campaigns. Why should we disrespect our ancestors is this way? The Bible tells us that we are all of “one blood” (Acts 17:26). During the Ice Age it made sense to live in caves.


The most famous cavemen were the Neanderthals. The historical account of the Tower of Babel found in Genesis tells us that all peoples, including Neanderthals, have a common origin. An update from the journal Archaeology provides evidence that Neanderthals and moderns interbred.


Some Neanderthals had red hair. Neanderthals made wood structures covered with hide. They made javelins, a flute, body ornaments and used fire and spices for cooking. They even made a one mile deep underground structure without natural light.


The hyoid bone of Neanderthals, which is important in speech, is the same as the hyoid bone in moderns. Also their brains were bigger. There were also ritualistic burials with goat bones. Jack Cuozzo had the opportunity to x-ray some of the original Neanderthal skulls in Europe and found that they must have lived to the great old age of around 200 years!


The mitochondrial evidence that some claim puts the Neanderthals into a separate group actually falls within the range of modern genetic dispersion. Neanderthal is indeed my brother. If you are interested to find out how closely you are related to the Neanderthals, check out 23andMe.

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Jay Hall
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