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6 Days, 6,000 Years: A Key to Biblical Prophecy?

Shalom (peace)! I pray that our Father in Heaven gives you His Shalom today and that He will use you for His glory!
If you have read my first article, Why I believe in a literal 7 day, 24 hour creation period, you will learn why I believe that the earth was made in six literal 24-hour days and that on the 7th day YHVH, the creator of heaven and earth, rested from His work. However, there are a lot of people that question this (even among believers today), and it is something that no matter how long I explain or how much evidence there is, as long as they believe that way there is nothing that can make them change. The only one that can change their hearts and minds is YHVH, and all I can do is show the information and pray that YHVH opens their eyes to the truth.
Now, since I want to go to another part of why I believe this way (and honestly, one that is of even more importance than the age of the earth), I want to share an article done by a great ministry called Answers in Genesis that goes into detail on this subject, about the age of the earth and how it could have been made in 6 literal 24-hour days.

“Could God Really Have Created Everything in Six Days?”

Now, in my opinion, I believe that YHVH has made it very clear to us in His Word how, what, and how long the heavens, earth, and everything that was in it took to be made. And from what I see in the Scriptures, and from what I see in the Hebrew language, there can be no other explanation than that it was a literal 7 day, 24 hour creation period, and that this same period is a sign for us today and more importantly in the future.
You see, the Bible is full of signs pointing us to and preparing us for the end. Our Messiah and His disciples told us many times to be watchful for the end of days, and to not be in darkness or else it would catch us like a thief in the night(1 Thessalonians 5:1-8) and I believe that the first sign is in the opening chapters of Genesis. I believe that the 7 day period shows us the 7,000 year period of the earth´s existence. It is also very interesting how prophecy unfolds if we use this time period considering these Scriptures among others:

2 Peter 3:8
But, beloved ones, let not this one matter be hidden from you: that with YHVH one day
is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

Hosea 6:1-2
‘Come, and let us turn back to YHVH. For He has torn but He does heal us, He has stricken but He binds us up.
2 ‘After two days He shall revive us, on the third day He shall raise us up, so that we live before Him.


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Where it all fits is that according to this timeline we are beginning the 7th day. And that means? It means, according to the timeline, we are entering into the day of rest, His Sabbath! It also means that according to this timeline, that we are entering the 3rd day after His life, death, burial, and resurrection. Isn´t this amazing! And as we see all the things that are happening in this world and what is going on around us, it all of a sudden becomes very clear, doesn´t it? I could go on and on and on, however, I want to make one more point.
Now, I have to admit that what I believe about the date of the earth is based almost entirely on what the Scriptures say. I believe that the Word of God is perfect and pure. I believe that the Scriptures are the ultimate instruction manual, and that everything said in the Scriptures was written to be easy to understand by His people. The problem is that because the Adversary tricked us into doubting what YHVH´s Word really says (starting with Adam and Eve and going straight down to the 21st Century); and thanks to all the changes that have been made to His Word, as well as to those so-called preachers and teachers that twist His Word for their gain (and to our minds because of those false teachings); what was an instruction manual for our lives became a giant, very-difficult-to-read map with all sorts of traps and false turns which take us away from the simple, yet amazing truth, that YHVH has been trying to tell us for thousands of years. Praise YHVH though that He has allowed a remnant of His people to have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to understand, and to allow us to see the amazing picture that He created and said in His Word!
I know that for some of you it will still be doubtful because of the fact that people want 100% conclusive proof (whether scientific, statistical, etc.) that something is true. And I believe that the Scriptures show that, however it has to be used without any worldly opinion or previous mindset.
If we already believe something is true it becomes extremely hard to see any other different opinion than what you already believe, especially when you start reading and studying and begin to find out that maybe your belief might have some holes in it. I know it was for me and my family when we started learning about some of the things in our belief that wasn´t based off of Scripture, but rather traditions and doctrines of man, and we had a choice to make; either stay the way we were walking and just going with the flow of what our so-called teachers and preachers said, or take that step of faith and ask YHVH to show us HIS truth so that we could be ready. Now, all I can ask of you is to pray, read, and seek out the truth, and to do it with an open heart and mind.
Do as the Apostle Sha´ul/Paul advised his disciple Timothy:

2 Timothy 2:15
Study to show yourself approved to God, a workman that
needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

May YHVH open up your eyes, ears, mind, and most of all your heart to be able to see, hear, understand, and believe HIS truth always, and not be swayed to the opinions of this world.
Until next time…
Christian Montañez Dodd
Servant and Emissary of Messiah Yahshua, Child of YHVH

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Written by Christian Montanez

I am just a servant of my Messiah Yahshua(Jesus) who trusts and tries to follow His Word completely from beginning to end. I believe that His Word is the only source of where we can find 100% unfiltered, unbiased truth and that without it we cannot survive. I believe that His Word is eternal(perfect, gives freedom to those who are captive to sin and death and shows us the way in which we should truly walk.

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  1. Hi, I just want to ask how come day 1 is only equivalent to Year 1 while day 2 is 1000yrs?
    Shouldn’t it be day1=1000yrs day7=7000yrs?

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