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Advanced Optics: Corrective Lenses

Not all human eyes are in perfect condition. There are refractive errors and cataracts, degenerative conditions and age-related issues. Some of these problems may be in part due to our lifestyles. With cases of myopia or near-sightedness rising rapidly, it is not hard to guess that we are spending far more time in front of computers, than we are outside, enjoying God’s creation. But most importantly is the realization that our eyes are not slowly evolving into super-eyes, as Darwinian evolution would dictate.

On the contrary, our bodies as a whole are degrading, and falling into genetic disorder. This is where man’s invention and technology has been very useful in correcting many of the common optical conditions in humans. Lenses can be shaped to correct for most eyes, and surgery, lasers, and even lens replacement procedures allow for permanent solutions to most common problems.

Yet, it is no surprise that the eye is susceptible to many issues… It is incredibly complex. The human eye functions well, and is a part of the grand design created by God in the beginning–only brought into disorder by man’s disobedience and sin.

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Written by David Rives

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